January 29, 2015

Now What? How to Tweak Your Décor Post-Holidays

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After the holidays, there’s no need to take down all of your holiday decorations and leave your home looking bare. There are a myriad of decorating opportunities available even after the holiday parties have come to an end. In fact, you can even turn the end of the holiday season into a party theme, giving a last hurrah party for those still in the Christmas spirit.

In this post, we show you how you can make simple tweaks to your Christmas decorations to create amazing post-holiday ensembles that will liven up any party.

Tweak the Greenery

Greenery is not exclusive to the holidays; most foliage décor can be reused long after Christmas and the New Year have passed. Vibrant green hues liven up spaces during the winter months, when almost everything you see is covered in snow. Keep your green foliage décor up and just remove the elements that scream Christmas. Greens and reds are a great prelude to the coming spring and are definitely a vibrant addition to winter décor.

For a verdant twist, a green floor rug combined with some green plush throws provides a cozy and inviting retreat from the winter gloom. Experiment with different shades of green or blend them together to create pleasant gradients and analogous color schemes.

Tweak the Whites

If you like the pristine white of fallen snow, you can use winter to your advantage. Probably one of the simplest décor tweaks, a winter décor theme is easy to achieve through minor modifications to your holiday decorations. If you have a white artificial Christmas tree, all you have to do is remove the obvious Christmas ornaments. Replace them with winter-themed décor, such as snowflakes and snowmen, in frost blue and white to give it that cool, wintry look. For the mantel or coffee table, create small winter vignettes using figurines and faux snow. Place them in mason jars to create your very own snow globe.

Tweak the Lights

The glow of Christmas lights gives homes and their holiday décor a lively and energetic glow. The good news is that you can keep the glow going throughout the winter months, even after the holidays are over. Be creative with your lighting and make your home shine amidst the dreary weather. Light up small corners in your home by stringing lights on banisters and dark hallways. Place a string of lights in a mason jar or clear glass container to create dazzling light displays on tabletops or the mantel. If you have outdoor lights, create beautiful landscape lighting by stringing Christmas lights on trees and other plants. Coiling the light strings on top of pots or planter boxes will give your plants a radiant glow.

Tweak the Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great way to usher in the holidays and welcome guests to your home. Keep a festive front porch even after Christmas by tweaking holiday wreaths and turning them into beautiful winter displays. A plain white wreath is capable of making an impact on your front door; you can add a touch of whimsy with some colorful décor or stick to a monochromatic scheme for an understated and elegant approach. Silver ornaments make perfect accents because they add a glistening effect, making your wreath shine.

Tweak the Candles

Candles are excellent displays during Christmas and long after because they add both light and warmth to a space. The perfect complement to a well decorated hearth, a candle display, though relatively small, can make a big impact on your overall décor. Placing candles in a mason jar or clear glass container may seem simplistic, but adding some faux snow gives it a seasonal touch. To recreate the look of falling snow indoors, hang votive holders with wire lines from the ceiling, together with snowflake ornaments. Using flameless candles or battery-operated votives is highly recommended to avoid the risk of fire.

Before you take down your Christmas decorations, see if you can make a few tweaks and transform them into seasonal winter ensembles. Tell us how you decorate your home after the holidays in the comments!

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