January 8, 2015

How to Store Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

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From lush Christmas wreaths and exquisite tree ornaments to dazzling lights, your holiday decorations are precious no matter how modest or pricey they may be. Storing them properly not only preserves their beautiful condition, it also saves you the trouble of buying new ones next holiday season. Here are some tips on how to store Christmas ornaments and décor the right way.

Christmas Ball Ornaments

There are many other ways to store your ball ornaments if their original packaging has been lost or damaged. One cost-effective way is to wrap them individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap, place them in empty plastic cups, egg cartons, or apple trays, and stow the lot in a large plastic bin.

Treetopia red ornament storage bag

Treetopia’s 72 Piece Ornament Treasure Keeper

An easier and more effective option is to use a special ornament bag, like the Treetopia 72 Piece Ornament Treasure Keeper. This three-tier ornament storage bag features removable trays with dividers to hold and protect 3-inch wide Christmas balls. The side compartments are perfect for pillar candles or tall, irregular-shaped décor, while the large front pocket provides extra space for flat ornaments, hangers, or ribbons.

Christmas Wreaths

Hat boxes would make good makeshift containers for Christmas wreaths. They prevent wreaths from being crushed and have the added advantage of being stackable. The downside is that they tend to take up a lot of space, are susceptible to moisture damage, and finding one that can fit larger-sized wreaths can be difficult.

Treetopia 36-inch red wreath storage bag

Treetopia’s Easy-Going Wreath Storage Bag

Keep things simple and easy by using a container that is specifically designed to store and secure wreaths, like the Treetopia Easy-Going Wreath Storage Bag. Featuring a built-in inner hook that connects directly to your wreath’s frame, this wreath storage bag prevents your wreath from sagging and losing its shape, hanging conveniently behind a door or in a closet. Our stylish bag is made from tough, lightweight fabric and can accommodate wreaths up to 36-inches in diameter.

Christmas Lights

Tangled up Christmas lights can quickly dampen your holiday decorating mood. Commercial Christmas light storage reels make winding and unwinding light strands easy and are available in many hardware stores. Small, portable hose reels are a good substitute in a pinch.

Another bright idea would be to repurpose old cans of coffee or potato crisps. First, place extension cords, replacement bulbs, or other light accessories inside the can. Next, cover the can and cut a slit in the lid to secure the end of the light string. Then, wind the light string around the outside of the can. Finally, place the cans in a solid plastic box and store in a safe place.

Visit Treetopia now and check out our whole line of easy and effective storage solutions for your holiday decorations.

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