January 15, 2015

How to Decorate Your Home After the Holidays

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As joyful as Christmas decorating can be, having to put decorations away until next year can leave you feeling a bit sad. The winter months can be gloomy, but there’s no reason not to give it a happier twist. Instead of focusing on the end of the holidays, why not focus on the vibrant colors of the coming spring?

In this post, we show you how you can declutter your home and put some post-holiday polish on it using your very own holiday décor. Look around your home before you take your holiday decorations down and you might be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find.

Post-Holiday Glitz

The glitz and glamour of the holidays don’t have to end after New Year’s Eve. Keep the cheerful spirit alive during the winter months with bright and shimmering decorations.

To carry you through until spring, keep gilded and metallic décor where you and your guests can see them. These decorations will help you “ease out” of the holidays without leaving you and your home empty inside. Select some ornaments from your tree and fill a wine glass or clear glass vase with them. These work as excellent centerpieces or mantel decorations.

Winter is Coming

Winter isn’t all about gloominess and cold weather. Explore the understated elegance of whites and frosty hues by trying out a wintry color scheme. Combine white with some silver and cool blues to give it a crystalline effect. If you have a tree topper or other Christmas tree decorations that follow the same color scheme, use them as mantel or tabletop décor.

Adding blue or silver accents to furniture, such as plush throws and table runners, will also help give your home décor a unified, and “wintrified,” look. Greet guests with a white wreath on the front door or hang some crystal danglers around your home to create makeshift stalactites. Snowmen will still be in fashion even after the holidays so if you have some snowmen figurines from last Christmas, use them to complete your home’s winter décor theme.

Au Naturel

Probably the simplest method of decorating after the holidays, using elements of nature costs next to nothing and gives your home a rustic and cozy ambiance. They also provide a natural splash of color to an otherwise bleak room and complement the warm colors coming from your fireplace. Oh, and did we mention that it costs next to nothing?

Find some fall décor pieces you think would work and use them. Add some greens and reds as a preview of the coming spring. Take note of the small details such as napkin rings, coasters, and trimmings for mason jar displays. Adorn crystal vase displays with floral sprays or dried twigs to give them a more “earthy” feel.

A Tree for All Seasons

The Christmas tree is not exclusive to the holidays. By changing Christmas tree decorations, you can create a centerpiece for your décor theme that will work for any of the four seasons. Depending on the color of your tree, you might not even need to change or use ornaments at all. If you do decide to use ornaments, all you have to do is remove the Santa figurines, Christmas stockings, and everything else that screams “Christmas.” It might also be a good idea to move the tree to a different location, just to change things up a bit. Move it to a room that you and your guests will use most, like the den or sitting room.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Red is one of the most vibrant colors of the holidays, and it works very well as a striking accent to winter-themed décor. To add some warmth to your home’s color scheme, collect your red ornaments and décor pieces to create a monochromatic display, using a white or neutral backdrop. Choose whether you want to use bright red, burgundy, or a combination of different red hues. Your red décor doesn’t have to be plain; if you have striped, polka-dotted, or patterned décor pieces, use them but do so sparingly to avoid an overly busy look.

Have you started your post-holiday redecorating at home? Share your decorating tips and ideas in the comments!

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