January 21, 2015

How to Create a Stylish Home with Treetopia Pt. 1

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After showing you how to bridge the decorating gap between Christmas and the months that come immediately after, Treetopia presents a two-part guide on how you can create a stylish home. By focusing on the relationship between traditional and modern décor styles, you can create your own personal approach to home décor that will leave your guests wanting to see more.

In part 1, we focus on change and how modern elements can refresh your home’s look.

Go Big

Small flower arrangements are a great way to splash some natural color on a bare space, but did you know that the bigger they are, the prettier they become? To punctuate your overall décor theme, create large-scale arrangements of flowers or branches and place them on a coffee table or on top of drawers. Take advantage of their natural colors to create contrast or complement other elements in your home. For example, place a large, bright lavender bouquet in a room filled with lime green and orange, or combine the browns of arranged branches with muted greens for an earthy feel.

Be a Bookworm

If your home is lacking a sense of mystery, add some interest to your space by taking your favorite books and using them as décor. Stack them on a bench, table, or ottoman to add a layered look to the room. Older books provide a sense of history, while newer titles give a glimpse of your current interests and a sense of place and time. What’s more, you’re decorating with items that you already own, so it adds a personal touch to your overall décor. If you’re looking to add something new, unique and quirky bookends will lend a touch of whimsy to your book collection. Before you start redecorating, check out that pile of books gathering dust in the attic and you might find something precious.

Be Spontaneous

Those small, often overlooked areas of your home are hidden decorating gems; they provide the opportunity for decorating experimentation because they won’t overpower the other elements of your décor. Creating small vignettes in these areas provides points of interest where you can use figurines or keepsakes as décor. Bring out those vintage picture frames or create your own and craft a creative photo collage to make the space truly your own.

For a more functional approach, find ways to maximize those small spaces that you previously considered unusable. That space under the stairs, for example, can house a mini-bar or home office. Depending on your home’s layout, placing a countertop under the stairs can also be a practical option.

Move Things Around

Diagonal lines add a dynamic slant to classically inspired décor themes, and you can add this element to your home through angular placement of furniture and other elements. The position of your area rug can actually make a big impact on your overall décor. Sisal rugs or those made from natural fibers are also great centerpieces because they help create a cozy atmosphere.

Unconventional furniture arrangements give an unexpected but elegant spin to a room. Breaking the “rules” once in a while can give your home a personal touch and give you the chance to experiment with a layout you’ve never tried, or were afraid to try before. Break free from your fear of decorating faux pas and open your mind to new possibilities.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we discuss how the old can add something new to your home décor. As always, feel free to voice out your own tips and suggestions in the comments!

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