December 29, 2014

Treetopia Design Council 2014: Lizelle Green of Tada Shop

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Discover the many wonderful ways to make your Christmas tree look as gorgeous as can be with Treetopia’s Design Council 2014. We’ve asked some of the country’s best design bloggers to decorate their favorite Treetopia Christmas tree and we hope the results will inspire you to create a fabulous holiday masterpiece of your own.

When choosing stylish children’s fashion and toys to promote, tada! shop owner and chief style officer Lizelle Green is usually guided by what she thinks her own kids would enjoy wearing or using. So, when it came to decorating her Treetopia Basics – Purple Tree, finding inspiration was as easy as viewing a popular children’s fantasy movie.

Treetopia purple tree with woodland-themed decorations

Photo courtesy of Lizelle Green

In her “DIY Maleficent Tree” blog post, Lizelle explains that she turned to the eponymous Disney movie for her final design idea, particularly the scenes with the young sorceress frolicking in her magical forest home. A passionate crafter, Lizelle created truly unique ornaments for her purple Christmas tree to capture the natural beauty and texture of Maleficent’s woodland realm.

Treetopia purple tree branch with feather ball ornaments

Photo courtesy of Lizelle Green

The paper mache balls covered with pheasant feathers are a nod to the plumed wings which were central to the film’s story. Hemp robe threaded through wooden beads make a chunky garland that calls young Maleficent’s necklace to mind. Finally, dried twigs come together to form a charming star-shaped tree topper.

Lizelle talks more about her creative approach to decorating and design in this exclusive interview.

TT: What fall/winter fashion trends for kids do you love right now?

LG: I’m obsessed with bold prints from Pink Chicken, art-inspired graphics from Dagmar Daley to animal-theme styles from Molo and Bobo Choses. Modern children’s clothing is daring and playful in ways that adult styles are not. Whether mixing prints and colors from head-to-toe or simply adding a statement piece to a pair of jeans, we have loads of fun curating kids’ fashion.

TT: What are your top 3 unisex Christmas gift ideas for toddlers?

LG: Sustainable design is important to our readers and wooden toys are always popular. Favorites this season include this abacus and Dachshund pull toy. And every year, without fail, moms and children go cuckoo over the matchbox mouse from Maileg.

TT: Given thousands of products for kids out there, how do you choose which children’s clothing and toys are going to be featured on your blog?

LG: We take quite a bit of time selecting clothing and toys from respected artisans, mostly emerging designers and independent labels including Atsuyo et Akiko and Bobo Choses. In addition, we handpick a few pieces from our favorite luxury fashion designers, such as Stella McCartney Kids and C de C. When curating kids’ looks, we think about how we would dress our own children as well as seasonal standout styles.

TT: What made you choose your particular Treetopia tree?

LG: I was thrilled to see my favorite color purple in Treetopia’s tree selection. Both majestic and bold, you really can’t go wrong with adding purple to the holidays. Having recently watched the movie “Maleficent”, I was inspired to dress the tree accordingly.

TT: What do you consider the most basic rule in holiday decorating? (“Think colorful”? “Stick to your budget”? “Screw the rules”?)

LG: Choosing one decorating theme is key; color, texture, and atmosphere will then all fall into place. I like working with a cohesive look.

TT: Where (places, movies, or books) do you find inspiration for your holiday themes?

LG: Pinned to my board is a quote from Paul Smith – “You can find inspiration in everything, and if you can’t, look again.” We’re surrounded by an amazing amount of creativity, from blogs and books, to cinema and storefronts, as well as Pinterest. It’s almost overwhelming; the curation becomes my inspiration.

TT: How about unlikely sources of holiday design inspiration?

LG: I love looking at illustrations in children’s books for design and story inspiration. One of my favorites is the English artist, David Roberts. His books are famous in our house and include “Iggy Peck, Architect”, “Rosie Revere, Engineer”, and “Tyrannosaurus Drip”. We all love the detail, colors, and exaggerated figures.

TT: What’s the first step in your decorating process? Do you have any decorating “rituals” you can’t go without?

LG: Whether we’re throwing a birthday party or decorating for the holidays, I always choose a theme. I then select three colors, two bright, and one neutral accent.

TT: When do you put up and take down your Christmas tree?

LG: Our tree comes home on Thanksgiving weekend and comes down just after New Year’s Day.

TT: What are your top do’s and don’ts when decorating your Christmas tree?

LG: DOs: Add lights to every branch. I know this is tedious but it’s the difference between resplendent and reserved. Create tradition and keep heirloom ornaments. Add your child’s homemade decor. Do mix various sizes. DON’Ts: Don’t hang glass ornaments on the bottom branches. Don’t be afraid to edit, especially if some of the ornaments are looking a bit “shabby” (as my daughter likes to say).

TT: Which Christmas decoration/s do you splurge on?

LG: As a family of food lovers, we have some unique ornaments such as these glass pickles. These Nutcracker ornaments are hard to resist.

TT: On the other hand, what would be the best decorations to DIY?

LG: My kids and I just made them this year, feather balls!

TT: What is your most cherished Christmas ornament? (Family heirloom? Most sentimental value?)

LG: The kids, now 8 and 10 years old, have been making ornaments since preschool.  You can imagine the collection we have on display! These are the ones I cherish the most.

TT: How do you dress up your dinner table for Christmas Eve?

LG: I keep it simple with a mix of fruit and greenery, usually a couple of fresh Noble Fir swags with some leafy satsumas and pomegranates. I’ll add few tall hurricane candleholders in-between for soft lighting.

TT: How do you store your holiday decorations to keep them looking pristine year after year?

LG: Keep all artificial decor boxes (wreaths, garlands) and invest in a high-quality storage box for ornaments.

TT: What’s your most favorite thing about the holiday season?

LG: The smell of pine trees, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread, and warm apple cider, along with sound of Christmas carolers (we still have some in our neighborhood) are my most favorite things about the holidays.

TT: What is your favorite holiday memory? (Childhood or recent)

LG: My best memories are celebrating Christmas at our home or a relative’s house. We’d have about 60 people, friends and family, gathered under one roof, sharing stories over delicious food. And there was always someone playing the piano. By the end of the night, you’d find everyone gathered around the piano and singing holiday songs (which would at some point include Broadway musicals).

TT: What is the best decorating advice you’ve ever received?

LG: The smallest change can make the biggest impact; it could be a splash of paint, or a display of framed wall art.

Keep following our Design Council 2014 blog series and learn more fabulous Christmas tree decorating ideas straight from the pros!

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