December 12, 2014

Treetopia Design Council 2014: Kami Bigler of No Biggie

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Discover the many wonderful ways to make your Christmas tree look as gorgeous as can be with Treetopia’s Design Council 2014. We’ve asked some of the country’s best design bloggers to decorate their favorite Treetopia Christmas tree and we hope the results will inspire you to create a fabulous holiday masterpiece of your own.

Kami Bigler’s practical and less-is-more style makes everyday holiday decorating simple and enjoyable.

Kami Bigler of

If simplicity is the epitome of sophistication, we can confidently say that Kami Bigler of is one sophisticated designer. She enriches her audience’s everyday lives with practical ideas stemming from her love of crafting, cooking, decorating, photography, and thrifting. More than the absence of clutter, her less-is-more approach to decorating enhances her projects, which is evident in the Frost Flocked Christmas Tree she decorated for her Christmas Home Tour 2014 post.

Like the thousands who follow her blog and social media accounts, we were eager to know more about what makes the NoBiggie blogger tick. Kami took some time off her busy holiday schedule to discuss her “simple is more” mantra, her holiday do’s and don’t’s, and some of her best thrift finds with us. Here’s what she had to say:

TT: What do you consider the most basic rule in holiday decorating? (“Think colorful”? “Stick to your budget”? “Screw the rules”?) 

Kami: Less is more! Create focal points where you gather, and don’t worry about adding holiday decor to every corner of your home.

TT: Where (places, movies, or books) do you find inspiration for your holiday themes?

Kami: Pinterest! Also, I LOVE the movie Elf! Mostly for the laughs and the soundtrack. That really is the best soundtrack. I’m all about the classics when it comes to Christmas.

TT: How about unlikely sources of holiday design inspiration?

Kami: I’m not really sure on this one; I tend to look at magazines, Pinterest and the usual. Sometimes it’s fun to take an idea you might know and love for a different holiday and make it work for Christmas.

TT: What’s the first step in your decorating process? Do you have any decorating “rituals” you can’t go without?

Kami: You have to have Christmas music playing in the background when you are decorating the tree…that’s a must! We love to turn on a favorite Christmas movie too, like Elf…it’s the best!

Treetopia’s Frost Flocked Christmas tree’s white tip branches are enhanced by the texture and colors of the Cozy Striped Knitted Christmas Ornaments from Treetopia

Kami’s own Frost Flock Christmas Tree from Treetopia. Courtesy of

TT: When do you put up and take down your Christmas tree?

Kami: We usually put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and then we take it down the weekend after Christmas. I like to leave up a few Christmas decoration until the New Year, but the tree is first to go.

TT: What are your top do’s and don’ts when decorating your Christmas tree?

Kami’s Top Do’s: Buy lightweight ornaments. Always start with the lights; that’s the most time consuming part. Decorate with all the same look-a-like ornaments at once so that they are evenly dispersed.

Kami’s Don’ts: Don’t think you have to overdo the decorating or the lights. Sometimes less is more. Save yourself the time!

TT: Which Christmas decoration/s do you splurge on?

Kami: Last year I splurged on stockings. I like to splurge at least on one item every year. It’s one of my favorite holidays!

A simple mix of champagne Christmas trees, a ribbon bow, and reindeer ornaments with white stockings, snowman ornament, and wreath for your mantelpiece.

Kami’s White Christmas Mantle. Courtesy of

TT: On the other hand, what would be the best decorations to DIY?

Kami: Anything super personalized is good to DIY, like photo ornaments of your family. Sometimes those store bought ornament frames can be so heavy. It’s pretty easy to make a simple frame for your favorite faces to hang on your tree.

TT: What is your most cherished Christmas ornament? (Family heirloom? Most sentimental value?)

Kami: The handmade ornaments that my kids make at school are my most favorite. They’re a treasure to me.

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Can you give us any tips on how you go about decorating this specific area?

Kami:  I tend to stick with the main area for decorating. I’d skip the bedrooms all together.

TT: How do you dress up your dinner table for Christmas Eve?

Kami: Truth – I don’t host on Christmas Eve, but for Christmas Breakfast, I love to make it super kid friendly and fun. It’s all about the little ones on that special morning.

TT: How do you store your holiday decorations to keep them looking pristine year after year?

Kami:I have a few heavy duty plastic bins that keep them nice year after year.

TT: What’s your most favorite thing about the holiday season?

Kami: My most favorite would have to be all the traditions we do. I love keeping our traditions alive and I think it’s good for the kids and all of us as we make memories together.

TT: What is your favorite holiday memory? (Childhood or recent)

Kami: Growing up, I remember sharing a bedroom on Christmas Eve with my two older sisters and we were SO excited! I have such fun memories of those young years.

White snowflake ornaments, frosted candy canes, and and Treetopia’s Cozy Striped Knitted Christmas Ornaments enhances the appeal of the white tipped branches of Treetopia’s Frost Flock Christmas Tree.

Kami’s own Frost Flock Christmas Tree from Treetopia. Courtesy of

TT: What is the best decorating advice you’ve ever received?

Kami: One word: simplify. Often times we tend to overdo it with the holiday decor, and you really can have a beautiful set up without over doing it.

TT: What are some of your most thrilling thrift store finds?

Kami: Milk Glass and Vintage world globes.

TT: What is the most challenging part about writing a blog?

Kami: The most challenging part is trying to keep up with all the other stuff like the social platforms that nowadays need almost as much or more of your attention than your actual blog! Ultimately I continue to love it, or I wouldn’t still be at it after all these years.

TT: Congratulations on your new Washi Tape Christmas book! Are there any other subjects you would like to write a book about? 

Kami: I would love to do a cook book, if only to have all of our family favorite recipes in print for our families for generations to come. There will always be something special about a printed copy of a book.

To see more of Kami and her ideas that celebrate everyday living, you can visit her blog, along with her Pinterest and Instagram pages. Keep an eye out for upcoming Treetopia blog posts as we feature more inspiring designs from our favorite bloggers.

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