December 22, 2014

Tips for Last-minute Christmas Decorating

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Got your shopping done but have no time left for Christmas decorating? Never fear, for Treetopia’s got your bases covered with a few life-saving Christmas decorating ideas.

This post will show you how you can make your home even more festive with just a few Christmas ornaments and objects you may already have. After putting your Christmas tree decorations up, grab those excess ornaments and use them to jazz up your home décor. The following ideas can help get you started on your “quick & easy” Christmas decorating.

Festive Candleholders

Do away with traditional candleholders and use Christmas ornaments instead. This will give Christmas candles a fresh and lively twist. Your mantel, or any of your tabletops at home, will definitely look more in line with the season’s spirit with these miniature Christmas decorations. All you have to do is remove the hook from the top of the ornament and place the ornament on a curved saucer, using smaller ornaments to keep the main ornament from rolling away. As always, be careful when dealing with fire; make sure that the candle won’t topple over before lighting it up.

Colorful Candle Replacements

If you want to stick to conventional candleholders, here’s a surefire way to spruce them up. In lieu of traditional Christmas candles, use Christmas ornaments. Create a vintage showcase using old candelabras and ornaments. You can also scribble holiday greetings on each ornament, or go big by creating a giant holiday message using an ornament to represent each letter. Whichever you choose, these ornaments-as-candlesticks will definitely make an elegant—and merry—statement for the holidays.

Picture-perfect Display

Are your walls looking a little too bare and making your space gloomy? An unused picture frame, brightly colored Christmas ornaments, and some ribbon are here to come to the rescue! Create your very own Christmas mural by hanging the ornaments on the picture frame with white, silver, or colorful ribbons. Rest or hang the frame on a bare wall and watch as it transforms the gloom into Christmas cheer.

Shimmering Chandelier Danglers

Lights are as essential, and as stunning, as any type of Christmas decoration; it’s a great addition that completes any holiday theme. Imagine if you could transform any light in your home into a holiday light show. With a few Christmas ornaments and a chandelier, you can! Just hang the ornaments on your chandelier using string, making sure that they don’t hang too low. The bright reflective types or clear glass ones are ideal for creating your very own light show. Watch as the ornaments reflect and refract the light onto the smiling faces of your guests.

Assortment of Holiday Delights

If you really want a quick & easy solution for Christmas decorating, this will probably save you the most time. Simply get a wooden or metallic tray, grab a handful of Christmas ornaments, and place them on the tray together with some candles or decorated wine glasses. Use monochromatic or multicolored ornaments, muted or bright and glittering ones, or just mix and match the ornaments you currently have at home. You can then use this as a centerpiece for your dinner table or living room. Check out our previous post for the many ways you can decorate your home using centerpieces.

Follow these tips and you’ll see that Christmas decorating isn’t hard or stressful at all. All it takes is some resourcefulness and a sprinkle of that Christmas spirit to keep everything jolly.

Do you have any other holiday decorating ideas that helped you out of a pinch at the last minute? Please share them in the comments!

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