December 11, 2014

Simple Tips for Sprucing Up Wreaths and Garlands

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Customer photo; Treetopia website

Customer photo; Treetopia website

Wreaths and garlands are essential Christmas décor that impart joy and cheer to any holiday home. However, surrounded with other colorful, twinkling Christmas decorations, they can fade into the background if left bare and unadorned. Learn quick and easy ways to perk up your wreaths and garlands with these simple yet effective ideas from Treetopia.

Celebrate your creativity with ornaments

Most garlands are already sold with fancy decorations and conventional ornaments. However, if you like personalizing your decorations or simply refuse to conform to the taste of corporate-employed designers, you can fit garlands with ornaments of your choice. Alternating between different sized and colored Christmas balls makes garlands more full and prominent. Adorn garlands with your preferred combination of multicolored baubles, glittered snowflakes, and personalized Christmas bells to make them instantly stand on their own.

Wrap up with ribbons

Ribbons are the perfect finishing touch for adding flare to holiday decorations.  They can perk up just about any space in your home. Made from different materials and varying designs, a length of ribbon can make wreaths and garlands look richer. The lightness of mesh ribbon bows gives decorations a look of fullness without overwhelming. Wrapping ribbons featuring intricate designs and color combinations can also add a new dimension to a green garland, set of Christmas baubles, or pinecone ensemble.

Finish with flowers

Strategically arranged flowers can spruce up holiday decorations of all shapes and sizes. Flowers in autumn shades of  bright orange, brown, and red can make your decorations relevant from Halloween and beyond. A dash of white flowers lightly sprinkled on different parts of a wreath adds an air of romance to the already cheery holiday atmosphere. If you want a more organized approach, clustering different colored flowers on one specific area of your wreath makes it look more upscale and elegant.

Fluff up your decor with feather boas

Feather boas are a distinct fashion statement. That’s why they’re flaunted from Vegas showgirl outfits to winter lines on the runway. Thick, fluffy, and available in a mélange of eccentric colors, this half-reptile half-avian decor is perfect for non-traditional garlands and wreaths.Snow white wreaths with a serpentine of a jet black feather boa can make for a stylish accent on living room walls.Black feathers not enough of a fashion statement for you? Utilize bright colors such as pink or orange to make wreaths and garlands instantly eye-catching.

Awe-inspire by going au naturale

Whether splashed with sparkly glitters, painted white, or left with their natural brown hue, pine cones are a perfect match to garlands and wreaths. Pine cones enhance the fresh feel of traditional green foliage, and adding artificial berries or small fruits makes the effect more consistent. Incorporate twigs and dry vines around your wreaths to give entryways and corridors that rustic appeal. These woodsy colors and textures are an excellent contrast to the shiny, metallic ornaments found in your home decorations.

Liven things up with lights

Nothing makes your Christmas decor more eye-catching than lights.  Clear lights enhance the colors of foliage at night and bring door decorations a warm, welcoming aura. On the other hand, multicolored lights bring a playful sparkle to your staircase or mantelpiece. Whether indoors or outdoors, wrapping lights around your favorite wreaths and garlands makes them stand out from the rest of your holiday home flourishes.

Make your wreaths and garlands stand out from the crowd with these simple tips from Treetopia. Still looking for the perfect decorating piece for your holiday home? Treetopia’s got you covered with our high quality and trendy wreath and garland collection.

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