December 10, 2014

Christmas Tree Topper Ideas for the Perfect Cherry On Top

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Treetopia Christmas Decorating Ideas

Think of your Christmas tree as an ice cream sundae. The tree is the actual ice cream, the ornaments are the sprinkles, and your tree topper is the cherry on top. You eat the cherry first right? Well, same thing with a Christmas tree. Before anyone notices all the ornaments and garlands you strategically placed, they are going to notice your tree topper.

Now, unconventional colorful Christmas trees call for unconventional tree toppers. Here are some Christmas tree topper ideas that you can customize to fit your theme to really make your tree pop.

1. Use a Group of Ornaments

Pinatas, cactus, and tinsel tree topper on a white christmas tree
The Theme: Feliz Navidad

If your tree has a distinct theme like my white tabletop tree does, just continue this theme all the way to the topper. My Feliz Navidad tree is covered with colorful tinsel, piñata shaped ornaments and even a hand painted souvenir skirt from Mexico as the tree skirt. Why would I stop a good thing when it comes to the tree topper? A grouping of mini piñatas and faux flowering cactus were just what the top of this tree needed.

2. Embellish an Existing Tree Topper

A plain angel atop a 7-foot tall pink tree just seems wrong. A plain angel with some extra floral picks and a ring of lights would be better. I’m not saying ditch your favorite plain Jane tree topper you have had for years, I’m saying embellish it. Kick that topper up a notch with the help of faux feathers and giant glittery gold sprigs.

Vintage angel tree topper with gold floral picks on a gold tree
The Theme: Celestial Champagne

Hark the Herald Angels sing, this is a tree full of sparkly goodness. The Toasted Champagne tree is large and in charge already, but there was enough space left in the room to add on an elaborate tree topper. Your topper should be somewhat proportionate to your tree. If you have a big tree, go big with your topper. I continued the theme of this tree (metallics and angels) all the way to the tippy top.

Hot Pink Christmas Tree with Neon Bright Starburst Tree Topper
The Theme: Vegas Show Girl

My gorgeous hot pink tree came by its name honestly, just check out that tree topper. This topper is definitely an example of more is more. I kept adding more feathers, lights, and fabric-covered boxes. There’s even an actual store-bought tree topper is buried in there. When it was all done, or my sister told me to set the feathers down and back slowly away, my tree topper looked exactly like an elaborate headdress for a Vegas showgirl. Maybe I have found my calling and should move to Nevada.

Tradtional Vintage Angel Tree Topper on a green Christmas tree
The Theme: Merry Kitschmas

This is as close to a traditional Christmas tree as it gets around these parts. The only traditional part is the fact that the Oh Christmas Tree looks like a real tree. On closer inspection the kitsch becomes more apparent. This tree is home to many vintage ornaments from the ’50s and ’60s. These ornaments depict things like ducks as drum majors puppies made of yarn pompoms. I threw in a few pieces from my vintage Fisher-Price collection for good measure. The tree topper is a vintage angel embellished with retro plastic sprigs of holly.

What is on top of your Christmas tree? Do you make a new topper vignette each year or do you have a sentimental old standby you go to? Hopefully after reading this you might consider embellishing your go-to-topper this year into something extra special.

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