November 25, 2014

6 Fresh Christmas Tree Designs From Treetopia

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In our previous article, we showed you some exciting additions to our line-up of fun and colorful Christmas trees. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! We’ve got more new artificial Christmas tree designs to share with you, so read on and find the perfect tree that will help make your holiday season look more fabulous than ever.

Color Me Pretty

Nothing brightens up a holiday home quite like a colored Christmas tree. Aside from being lovely to look at, they give you the chance to express your personality and unique style.

Treetopia pink tree with pink flocked tips

Treetopia’s Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas trees are a popular choice because of their beauty and versatility. Our latest pink tree is truly heaven-sent. The Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree features branch tips covered in pink faux snow, giving it a soft and fluffy appearance that’s irresistibly inviting to the touch.

Treetopia slim gold tree with clear lights

The Treetopia Basics – Gold Tree

TheTreetopia Basics – Gold Tree is perfect for those who are attracted to the glitz and glamor of gold Christmas trees, but are trying out colorful trees for the first time. Showcasing dense layers of shimmering gold tinsel needles, this slender pre-lit tree is sure to steal the spotlight at any holiday party.

Treetopia white tree with iridescent needles and color-changing lights

Treetopia’s Multicultural White Christmas Tree

Our Multicultural White Christmas Tree is a very special tree, unlike any other you’ve seen before. Featuring color-changing clear and blue LED lights, this Treetopia exclusive looks magnificent either as a Hanukkah Bush, or a classic white Christmas tree. Crafted with pure white foliage mixed with iridescent needles, it provides a rich canvas for all your holiday decorating designs.

Discover the New Traditional

Traditional style is timeless, but can be rather limiting for some. The New Traditional movement aims to blend classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities, such as convenience and personal flair. This essence is what makes our new green Christmas trees such a fantastic choice for today’s homes.

Treetopia slim green tree with clear lights

Treetopia’s Foxtail Pine Christmas Tree

Featuring a luxurious blend of plump green tips and long pine needles, our Foxtail Pine Christmas Tree captures all the warmth of traditional trees in a sleeker, more space-efficient shape.  Offered in 7 or 8.5-foot sizes, this pre-lit Christmas tree is ideal for small rooms and apartments.

Treetopia green fir tree with clear lights

Treetopia’s Cooper Fir Christmas Tree

The Cooper Fir Christmas Tree is another great option for homes with limited floor space. This tree has the classic tapered silhouette of a full-sized tree, but features a slightly reduced overall width. Professionally strung with clear or multi-colored lights, the Cooper Fir makes it super easy to enjoy the heart-warming cheer of an old-fashioned Christmas.

Pre-lit Treetopia traditional tree with green and silver needles

Treetopia’s Silvershine Fir Christmas Tree

Subtle touches can often make a big, beautiful difference.A sprinkling of silver tinsel needles brings a gentle yet eye-catching winter shimmer to our 7-foot Silvershine Fir Christmas Tree’s lush forest-green foliage.

Visit Treetopia to know more about our new line of fun and festive Christmas trees and find the one that’s perfect for you!



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