November 17, 2014

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Not many people can pull off decorating a Christmas tree entirely with homemade ornaments, but Lia Griffith does it beautifully and effortlessly. Growing up in a family of devoted DIYers nurtured Lia’s love for crafting, and consequently helped her to forge a successful career in graphic design. Through her blog, she offers valuable techniques, advice, and ideas to promote her passion for living a handcrafted lifestyle.

Treetopia black pencil tree with handcrafted Halloween decorations

Photo courtesy of Lia Griffith

In a recent article, we featured how Lia used handmade décor to transform her Treetopia Black Stiletto Pencil Tree into a stunning Halloween showpiece. We were dying to know more about this super creative designer, so we’re really excited to share this little Q&A with you:

TT: We’re so glad to see how the Black Stiletto worked out for your Day of the Dead decorations! How did you go about decorating the tree? What was your inspiration for the messages on the banners and the unique tree topper? What were your favorite elements of the theme?

LG: I had a lot of fun decorating this tree. Since the tree is black, I thought the white papel picado and sugar skulls would be a great contrast. Bright and colorful items are predominant in the Day of the Dead celebration, so the bright flowers seemed like a perfect fit.

TT: How would you decorate the Black Stiletto Tree for Christmas?

LG: If I had a black tree for Christmas, I would host a 1920’s retro party with a Great Gatsby feel. I would decorate the tree with lots of glamor, glitz, and sparkly decorations.

TT: Your blog is filled with interesting do-it-yourself projects. What got you started with DIY and homemade crafts?

LG: Both my parents and sisters are all DIYers. Growing up, everything we did at home was homemade. I feel like I am closing the circle and coming back to my roots being a DIYer; I just try to elevate it to the next level and challenge myself. I aspire to create a handcrafted lifestyle with a lot of elegance and beauty.

TT: From weddings to baby showers, where do you get inspiration for your decorating ideas?

LG: I get my inspiration from everything around me. I live in a beautiful part of the country, Portland, Oregon and draw a lot of my inspiration from nature. I also like to see what is trending and then put my own twist on it.

TT: We know you can decorate for any occasion, but what holiday or event do you love decorating for the most?

LG: My favorite events to decorate for are weddings and family gatherings. They are such joyous occasions that make me all warm and happy.

TT: What decorative item is up all year in your home?

LG: My own art, and different owls (vessels or sculptures).

TT: How much of your personality or personal life do you incorporate into your posts?

LG: A lot, almost everything I do is for me or my friends.

TT: There are dozens of crafts and projects on your website. How do you choose which ones are right for you and your audience?

LG: I only post items that I would use myself.

TT: Do you have any advice for new or aspiring DIYers?

LG: Stay true to yourself and your own style. Create things and do things that you are very passionate about. If you keep true to yourself, your audience will respond to it.

Visit Lia on her blog and discover how crafting DIY ornaments adds extra fun and style to your home and holiday decorating. For more inspiring holiday ideas and designs, come and check out our interview with another of our talented blogging friends, Jennifer Perkins.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Treetopia blog posts as we feature more inspiring designs from our favorite bloggers.

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