October 13, 2014

Throw a Fashion-Themed Party

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Just a few weeks have passed since fashion week, so it’s not surprising if you’re still experiencing a “fashion hangover.” The deluge of design inspiration and fashion-themed ideas from this world-famous event is a wonderful resource for home décor schemes and party themes that will help you bring the world of fashion into your home. If you’re planning to throw a stylish fall party, you’re in luck. With just a few fashion-themed tips and tricks, this post will show you how you can recreate the excitement of fashion week at home with your very own “fashionista party.”

The Red Carpet

A fashion party is not a fashion party without a runway. Bring out the inner fashionista in you and your guests by setting up a faux runway in your home;A red carpet welcomes guests as they arrive or can facilitate  a cozy fashion show for an after-dinner spectacle. Your guests will definitely make a dramatic entrance on your runway whether they arrive on time or “fashionably late.” Your home runway doesn’t need to be a complicated affair, though. Just lay down a red carpet, line up some chairs on the side for spectators, and you’re all set. Use dramatic lighting effects and place some strobe lights at the end of the runway to mimic camera flashes, and don’t forget the cameras. Set up a photobooth at the end of the runway so your guests, and you, can take some snaps for posterity—or so you can laugh at yourselves years from now.

The Dinner Party

Autumn is the perfect time for a fashionista party because fall fare possesses excellent hues and tones representative of the current season and fashion trends. To make sure that your dinner table becomes the talk of the town, consider these stylish tablescapes.

  • The monochromatic tablescape

    Choosing a single dominant color will give your dinner table an elegant, uniform look. Match your favorite color with analogous ones to produce a pleasing color gradient reminiscent of the fall. Add some whites or blacks for balance.
  • The thematic tablescape

    A fashionista party is nothing if not thematic. As with your home décor, your dinner table should ooze with flair and adhere to your chosen theme, be it plaid, argyle, or stripes. You can also choose your own fabric to create custom linens so everything matches. You can also add some small accents, such as small handbag ornaments on napkin holders and small mannequins dressed in the latest fall fashion.
  • The minimalist tablescape

    Less is more. Need we say more?

The After-party

After dinner, move the party to a quieter and cozier room for the after-party chat over coffee or tea. You can also cap the night off with some cocktails, depending on your and your guests’ preference. If the night seems too short, you can transform the party into an old-fashioned sleepover and continue the party until breakfast or brunch the next day.

Fashion week is an excellent theme for a fall party because, like the season, it is a recurring event — one to which many look forward each year. Take advantage of the design inspiration fashion week and autumn bring, and channel them into one awesome party no one will soon forget.

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