October 9, 2014

The Fall Tree Collection

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If your autumn home décor is looking a little drab and a bit uninspired, look no further than the chic city of Milan for some hot, stylish hues and ensembles that you can apply to your seasonal tree. The fine line that divides fashion and design has always been a subject of debate. In the translation from the runway to your home, this ambiguity helps to add interest to your interior design. The jury’s still out on whether haute couture borrows from interior design or vice versa, and this post aims to show that it could go both ways. While the latest fall fashion can provide some design inspiration for your home, creative home décor can also provide some design cues for haute couture.

Seen on the Streets of Milan

The Michelle Elie

Jewelry designer and former model Michelle Elie knows her way around the fashionable streets of Milan, and it shows in her brilliantly-edited wardrobe and fiery personality that can ignite any room—or street, for that matter. Add some Michelle Elie temperament to your home with the Stiletto Black Pencil Tree. With its slim profile and serious appeal, this tree will give your home a touch of elegance and high fashion. Use white and silver ornaments as accents, and sprinkle them throughout the tree for some sheen. Against the tree’s dark canvas, clear lights will feature as “jewelry,” completing its overall sophisticated look.

The Caroline Issa

Tank Magazine‘s chief executive and fashion director isn’t shy to show that she knows what’s up, especially in the industry in which she lives and breathes. Caroline Issa is cementing her status as a permanent fixture in street style by launching her own line with leading fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom. This Baby Blue Tree is a perfect way to bring some Caroline Issa color into your home. Used in conjunction with the Sassy Sapphire Blue Tinsel Tree, you can complement the earthy tones of your fall décor with cool blue hues. Add dark blue ornaments to the Baby Blue Tree and some powder blue ornaments to the Sassy Sapphire Blue Tinsel Tree, and you will have a tree display fit for the runway.

The Sarah Rutson

Being fashion director at Hong Kong’s leading fashion specialty store definitely has its perks. Just ask Sarah Rutson, who came to Lane Crawford at a time when the company was looking to rebrand itself. Rutson believes that fashion is about going through evolution and change while staying true to who you are. She believes in keeping with the times—and so does the Chocolate Truffle Tree. A nod to the muted, earthy tones of autumn, this tree’s neutral hues will complement any décor theme. Add some silver ornaments to help lighten up the season’s somber mood.

The Veronika Heilbrunner

Sartorial expressionism is one of Veronika Heilbrunner’s strong points, being Style Editor at Harper’s Bazaar Germany. Her nonchalant attitude toward what she wears is further heightened by her fondness of sneakers and white socks. This doesn’t mean that Heilbrunner is a slouch when it comes to color and patterns, though, as was seen in her Valentino skirt and long-sleeved blouse ensemble as she pranced around the streets of Milan during Fashion Week. For a similar look for your home, pick a color from these Rainbow Gumdrop Mini Trees, and create a pattern of your own. You can also check out the Color Burst Rainbow Tree if you can’t decide on a color.

The Nicole Chapoteau 

Allure Magazine’s Accessories Director Nicole Chapoteau knows how to make a basic red dress stand out—by leaving it to its own devices. Sometimes all you need is one impressive separate, and with the Lipstick Red Tree, you can make a stand-out centerpiece for your fall décor. Decorated or not, this tree is an eye-catching focal point that can enhance your interior design. If you want to add accents, black and silver ornaments are excellent options that both add polish to the tree’s overall appearance and help bring out its color.

Fashion Week can be an endless source of design inspiration if you learn to look with an observant, meticulous eye. The runway isn’t just a place where you can look for the hottest and greatest clothing, it’s also an excellent resource for designers and decorators to uncover ideas about eye-catching current design elements.

See you again next year, when we show how you can get more design cues from the latest fall collections.

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