October 23, 2014

How to Throw a B-Movie Halloween Party

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Zombie motorcycles, man eating piranhas, and Samurai cops – B movies have always produced characters and storylines that range from the ridiculously awful to the downright bizarre. A guilty pleasure for most and an obsession for some, B-movies would make a great theme for your upcoming Halloween party. Treat your guests to an unforgettable night inspired by Hollywood’s most forgettable films with our step-by-step guide on how to throw the ultimate B-movie Halloween Party.

Set Expectations with Themed Invites

Sending themed invites is essential to any Halloween party. Other than time and location, themed invites give your guests an idea of what food to bring or what costumes to wear. Although it may sound cliché, creating movie ticket invitations is a great way to let your guests in on the party’s theme. As an alternative, you can create vintage movie poster invitations. The retro colors and fonts would instantly take you back to classic B-movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Decorate Your Home like a “Pro” with DIY B-Movie Decorations

There definitely isn’t a shortage of low-budget (emphasis here on low-budget) horror movies, slasher films, and sci-fi flicks around, so decorating your house with the campy, the strange, or the homemade would definitely fit the bill. Whatever you do, try to resist the Sinister Urge to make your decorations too perfect. B-movies are known for some horrible special effects and acting, so you can play around and experiment with your decorations. String UFO paper plates on the ceiling and create gravestones from flimsy cardboard, and you’ll essentially have authentic props from an Ed Wood classic.

Find Inspiration for Halloween Treats, But No Exploding Hams Please!

There’s an endless array of food and beverages you can use for your B-movie Halloween party. In fact, you can tweak just about any Halloween treat to fit the theme of your party. Gingerdead Man cookies? Yes! Attack of the Giant Crabs crab cakes? Yes, please! The Blob jello shots? Keep ‘em coming! As great as they all are, not everyone may know the movie reference of each item on the menu, so you can add labels or have your friends guess the inspiration behind your B-movie feast.

Dress Up for the Red Carpet and the Silver Screen

One of the truly exciting parts of a B-movie Halloween party is dressing up as a character from your favorite film. Be a dark villain by suiting up as Vampira from Plan 9 from Outerspace or show up in white as the reluctant Bride of the Monster. Choose wisely though, as movies like Enter the Ninja, Crippled Avengers, and The Roller Blade Seven are bound to inspire a few ninja and samurai costumes in the crowd.

B-movies aren’t perfect, but what they lack in budget, acting chops, and logic, they more than make up for with out of this world creativity. Draw inspiration from movies so bad they are oh-so good, and host an A-list Halloween party this year. If you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece to your Halloween party, check out how to create the perfect spooky tree in this post from Treetopia.

Did we mention any of your B-movie favorites? If so, comment on some of your favorites below!

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