September 29, 2014

Fall Fare: Autumn-themed Party Food

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Photo credit: Welcome to Fall by Josh Kenzer on Flickr

You’ve got everything prepped and ready, and your home is a bastion of autumn décor, but what are you planning to serve your guests? Your magazine spread-worthy pumpkin and pinecone display notwithstanding, a party isn’t a party without some stomach-filling, sweet tooth-satisfying, and thirst-quenching treats. If you’re clueless about what to serve your famished guests, don’t lose heart. Preparing a satisfying and beautiful autumn feast is not as daunting as it sounds.

Pumpkin Dip Bowl


First things first—start with some festive appetizers. Serve finger foods to keep preparation simple and the party mood light and relaxed. Finger foods are great for snacking and chatting, as your guests don’t even need to sit at the table to enjoy them. This provides more opportunities for socializing and is a great way to whet your guests’ appetites. To add a touch of autumn, use a small carved-out pumpkin as a dip bowl. In the image above, the pumpkin is filled with dip for carrots, celery stalks, and other cut vegetables.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

An always popular dessert and comfort food, the cake is one of the star characters at any party. Cheesecake, especially, provides its own brand of comfort with its creamy texture and just the right amount of crunch. Add to that the sweetness and soft texture of pumpkin, and you have an autumn party winner. A special treat for both a sweet tooth and a hungry stomach, a pumpkin cheesecake is a satisfying and indulgent culinary option for a memorable autumn-party-in-the-making. For a bite-sized alternative, you can also try some pumpkin cheesecake bars.

Autumn Leaf Cookies

Delicious complements to any cheesecake variant, cookies are a classic treat that both kids and the young at heart will love. A nod to the gingerbread men of Christmas, these autumn leaf cookies represent the most recognized symbol of autumn. They are also a great alternative for those who want to skip the cake and go a bit lighter, and they double as a great centerpiece on your dinner table. For a more dramatic look, ice the cookies with bright oranges and earthy browns.

Slices of Autumn Beverage

A refreshing twist on a classic bubbly drink, this beverage recipe literally adds “slices of autumn” to your champagne. It’s as simple as slicing some apples and topping glasses of champagne with them. You can also add some strawberries and mint leaves for a hint of minty tartness. For something fancier, you may want to try using cinnamon sticks or apple cider for some seasonal flavor. Alcohol optional.

Candy Corn Pudding Pops

Bursting with the colors of the season, this Halloween favorite can make a cameo in your autumn party as a cool dessert. Add a seasonal twist to ordinary pudding pops by infusing them with the vibrant colors of candy corn. The honey in the pudding pops makes it a sweet ending to a memorable party, while its candy corn colors signal the beginning of a cool, laidback time of year. Fun to make and delightful to eat, this frosty dessert is the perfect conclusion to a day—or night—of partying.

When planning your autumn party, remember to infuse some seasonal touches to the food you’re serving. These eye-catching and delicious efforts will go a long way toward making your party a blast. Remember, it’s all in the presentation—well, almost all.

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