August 28, 2014

Pick a Labor Day Party Theme: Americana, All-White, Campout

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Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of end-of-season sales and last-hurrah getaways. As we rush to make the most of the sunniest days of the year, here are a few party themes to consider for your Labor Day weekend party.


Nothing says “I love America” more than the ol’ red, white, and blue. Showcase the colors of the flag on your table setting, couch, and even on your walls. Stick little flags into gumball jars and arrange red, white, and blue candies into a flag for that patriotic touch. For the living room, add a flag crochet or quilt on the sofa and monograms with a flag pattern on your wall for a cozy, all-American look.


The end of summer also means switching from bright and colorful summer hues to a more somber palette. Put your bathing suits, shorts, and sandals away and bring out your scarves and sweaters. Before you do, though, invite your friends to one final party where you can all wear your white summer pieces and have a blast.

Aside from an all-white party outfit, consider white as the main color when decorating your home for a Labor Day holiday party. White balloons, ribbons, umbrellas or canopies, curtains, and linen all make great décor pieces for summer’s last hurrah.


Whether you live in a condo in the city, a quiet suburb, or a quaint countryside, an outdoor campout party is sure to be a fun-filled event. Take advantage of the cool fall weather and enjoy an old-fashioned barbecue on your rooftop or backyard; add some marshmallows, strawberries, and blueberries to your barbecues or kebabs to give it a red, white, and blue twist.

Outdoor movie night is also a great idea; bring out your Labor Day movie collection and watch The Grapes of Wrath, 9-5, or Gung-Ho! under the bright moonlight or the glow of some outdoor paper lamps. Don’t forget the drinks and popcorn. You can use a plastic-lined urn for a “cooler” and some red, white, and blue bowls for the popcorn and chips.

As you enjoy your Labor Day party, let’s not forget why it is celebrated in the first place. Party until you can’t party no more, but don’t let the true meaning of Labor Day get lost in all the merrymaking.

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