July 17, 2014

We’ve Got a Tree for Summer

Posted by Treetopia in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to go all-out with sunshine colors and vibrant décor— even with Christmas trees. While the summer’s medley of color and freshness isn’t something we usually associate with Christmas trees, Treetopia’s Candy Corn Christmas Tree represents the fun of both the summer and holiday seasons.

Candy Corn

With colors that recall the vibrance of both sunrise and sunset, this fun, festive tree makes a great centerpiece for your indoor summer celebrations. It’s as luscious as its namesake and twice as fun. There’s no need to add lights to this confection of a tree! Summoning that summer vibe is easy with the Candy Corn Christmas Tree, thanks to its inherent radiance.

Sun, Sand, and Surf-Inspired Decorating

Full, durable branches enable you to hang medium to heavy ornaments and accessories. Go wild and decorate your tree with the beach in mind. From seashells to your favorite summertime mementos, this tree provides a great backdrop for beach-inspired ornaments. Its bright, bold hues are the perfect complement to the sun- and sand-kissed seashells you’ve collected on beach forays. Cover the base with beige, textured fabric, such as burlap. The burlap’s texture will represent sand from the beach. To complete your tree’s sunset-on-the-beach theme, add a starfish tree topper!

Summer Sky-Inspired Decorating

If you find beach-inspired decorating too hot to handle, you can adorn the Candy Corn Christmas Tree with fresh, breezy accents. Use ornaments with hints of blue to recall the clear skies of summer. Orange and blue are complementary colors, meaning they play up each other’s allure. You can also drape the bottom of the tree with a navy blue tree skirt. Adding a skirt “completes” the tree’s look. If you feel the need to add lights, do so with confidence— the tree is made from flame-retardant materials.

With the right ornaments, and a bold decorating sensibility, there’s no reason why you can’t put up a snazzy Christmas tree this summer!

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