July 23, 2014

Cool Drinks for Warm Weather Entertaining

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Throwing summer parties, like weekend barbeques, birthday bashes, and dinner parties, are always fun, but let’s face it, these warm-weather months can get too hot for comfort.  When the sun’s scorching heat beats down on your summer celebration, serve ice-cold refreshments to help guests keep cool and in the right merrymaking mood.

From delicious cocktails to kid-friendly drinks, these thoroughly satisfying thirst-quenchers fit perfectly with the Christmas in July party theme we presented in a previous article, and are an exciting addition to any summer party menu.

Iced Eggnog

The signature beverage of the Christmas season, old-fashioned eggnog may be too heavy to enjoy in the summertime. Instead, serve a batch of Iced Eggnog, an easy-to-prepare concoction that originates from the land down under. With their Christmas taking place at the height of summer, our Aussie friends are experts at cooling down while whooping it up.

Retaining all the comforting flavors of traditional eggnog, this frosty treat combines the potent blend of brandy, rum, and sherry with plenty of crushed ice. Pour this drink in martini glasses over ice and add a dusting of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick garnish before serving.

Summer Peppermint Tea

If you’ve got a soft spot for candy canes, then satisfy both your sweet tooth and need for refreshment with the minty goodness of Summer Peppermint Tea. Combining the uplifting flavor of peppermint tea with the tanginess of lime and lemon, this drink is simple to prepare, and is totally refreshing for the entire family.

For grown ups-only parties, prepare a big batch and add a splash of gin to each glass to create a tempting cocktail. Unused batches of the cocktail make an invigorating tonic to sip and savor after a memorable night of partying.

Served in a tall tumbler and garnished with mint leaves or a candy cane, this light and crisp libation looks just as good as it tastes.

Watermelon Basil Mojito

Biting into a big, freshly-cut slice of watermelon is one of the greatest joys of summer. Sweet and succulent, watermelon also makes an excellent base for many kinds of mixed drinks, like luscious Watermelon Basil Mojitos.

This rum-infused cocktail is another great complement to your Christmas in July celebration, and fits right in with a Caribbean cruise-inspired party theme. It even has a perky red-and-green appearance that reflects the traditional colors of Christmas.

Crushed basil not only imparts a bright, clean flavor, it also has natural cooling properties that enhance the soothing effect of this drink. The rum is optional, so everyone has a chance to enjoy this sunny season sipper.

Try some of these invigorating creations at your next party, and share some of your own favorite summertime coolers in the comments section!

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