March 6, 2014

We've Got a Tree for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is such a popular holiday that it is celebrated in many parts around the world by Irish and non-Irish alike. The culture of Ireland is so rich with references to good fortune, from shamrocks and the color green to horseshoes and pots of gold, that it’s easy to see why this holiday is so beloved. Invite the luck of the Irish into your home by displaying your trusty Treetopia Christmas tree, wreath, and garland along with other dandy St. Paddy’s Day decorations.

1. Green Tree

When decorating an artificial Christmas tree for St. Patrick’s Day, a lush and verdant green-colored tree is an appropriate choice. After all, green is the color most associated with Ireland.

With the Irish community being such a significant part of New York City’s great history and vast population, Treetopia’s Brooklyn LED Spruce Christmas Tree seems like the natural choice for St. Paddy’s Day décor. With its full-figured silhouette, tapered branch tips, super realistic foliage, and gorgeous green shade, this is one traditional tree you’ll be looking forward to setting up again come Christmas.

Let your tree reflect the revelry and rousing spirit of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations by embellishing it with fun and colorful décor.  Start with the traditional Christmas ornaments you have on hand. Select plain, nondescript white and gold Christmas balls of various sizes, textures, and finishes. White and gold items, whether they’re frosted, shiny, beaded, or even knitted, such as Treetopia’s Snowball White Knitted Christmas Ornaments, contrast well against green foliage. It’s best to avoid pieces that have overt Christmas designs, such as reindeer, Santa Claus, snowflakes, and holly. You could get away with stars, candles, and teddy bears, though.

Hand holding a three-leafed shamrock

The shamrock’s three heart-shaped leaves symbolize a whole lot of love

Next, shop or scrounge around for ornaments with common Irish symbols and imagery. Think of leaping leprechauns with green jackets and red beards, precious pots of gold, pretty rainbows, and the Irish tricolor flag. Some stores offer Christmas ornaments with a distinct Irish flavor, such as whiskey barrels, Irish dancer figurines, and kitschy “Kiss me, I’m Irish” buttons. The three-leafed shamrock is an important symbol of Irish pride, so make sure not to confuse it with another icon of good luck, the four-leafed clover.

For added flair, try wrapping your tree with a white, gold, or rainbow garland. For great contrast and coverage if you’re short on Irish-inspired ornaments, either one of Treetopia’s Winter White Garland and All That Glitters Garland will do the trick.

If you want to play up the fun, try Treetopia’s Color Burst Rainbow Garland and make your tree a happy haven for leprechauns.

2. Gold Tree

Many Irish prospectors struck it rich during the early days of the California Gold Rush, hence the term, “luck of the Irish.” Begin your own journey to fabulous fortune with the Treetopia Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree. This artificial Christmas tree is covered in glorious gold tinsel needles and is available in both full and slim silhouettes to suit the size of your living space.

A set of Treetopia green ball ornaments

Treetopia’s Sour Apple Green Christmas Ball Ornaments

With this theme, you’ll want to keep your tree looking elegant by downplaying the décor. Adorn your gold artificial tree with traditional Christmas ball ornaments in various shades of green. Whether they’re metallic, pastel, or lusciously frosted, green ornaments are a tasteful way to evoke the festive Irish spirit in your home. Try to vary the sizes of the ornaments and remember to hang the most interesting ones at eye-level.

To complement the harmony of your gold and green palette, accessorize with small decorative pieces made of shimmering silver, clear crystal, or exquisite crackled glass. Ornaments such as these add wonderful texture to your tree without being too obtrusive or overpowering.

If you prefer more subtle St. Patrick’s Day decorations, consider Treetopia’s Struck Gold Tinsel Tabletop Trees. Petite and super portable, these gilded beauties add an instant touch of cheer to your coffee table, office desk, bookshelf, mantel, or kitchen counter. Decorate these tiny trees with miniature shamrock ornaments, which are offered by a number of online retailers and crafters.

3. Wreaths and garlands

If decorating with a tree is just too much for you, or if you want something more convenient, try sprucing up your home in St. Patrick’s Day style with wreaths or garlands. Follow our tree decorating tips above and apply them on a smaller scale to your green- or gold-colored wreaths and garlands.

Treetopia’s Merry Mixed Pine Wreath is a traditional Christmas wreath made of a vibrant mix of green classic and pine foliage. Remove and set aside its detachable red bow, dress it up with a cluster of small white and gold Christmas balls, add some strips of white and gold ribbon, and your front door is ready to greet your guests with a hearty, “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!”

4. Other Home Decorations

Dressing up your home with store-bought St. Patrick’s Day decorations is all well and good, but where’s the fun in that? These DIY projects will polish up your crafting skills and put a personal spin on your home décor.

Leprechaun Hat

A homemade leprechaun hat is a versatile ornament that’s pretty easy to put together. Follow these simple steps from Classic Play, and create green and glittery top hats to display around the room, wear as part of a costume, or use as a topper for your St. Patrick’s Day tree!

Shamrock Bouquet

An arrangement of shamrock sprigs or bells of Ireland flowers in a green or white vase makes for a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece. If you lack a green thumb and prefer not to handle real plants, try making a paper shamrock bouquet instead.

Lila from Sweet and Lovely Crafts shows how to fashion a simple yet stylish shamrock display with a various kinds of green paper, wooden skewer sticks, and mason jars. Making these cute clover shapes is fun and takes hardly any time at all.

St. Patrick’s Day Banner

For many people, love and luck go hand in hand, so this “Lucky in Love” banner is perfect for adding that extra touch of sweetness to your Irish-for-a day home.

Check out Measure Once Cut Twice and learn how to make a shamrock-shaped streamer with your own heartfelt message. Hang it on the wall, across the mantel, or anywhere your family and friends are sure to see it.

Surprise and delight your family and friends by using Christmas décor on St. Patrick’s Day. Post a photo of your own Irish-adorned tree in our comments sections below!


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