January 29, 2014

Warm and Cozy Winter Home Decorating Ideas

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Wood burning fireplaces and space heaters can heat up a house, but the right décor helps create a warm and cozy home. Follow these simple winter home decorating tips and make your interiors more inviting during the dark days of winter.

Accessorize with Warm Colors

Using rich colors in a room creates a soothing perception of warmth. Decorate your sofa and armchairs with pillows in rich colors, such as red and orange, to add interest and evoke feelings of comfort.

Store away cool-colored silver, chrome, and nickel accessories and load up with gold, copper, and bronze décor to instill energy into and to warm up your living spaces.

Lay Down Thick Rugs

Thick, dense rugs with beautiful colors and designs bring lots of texture and cheer to a chilly room. Area rugs are also a practical addition because they serve as insulation from the cold floor.

A soft wool or sheepskin rug by the bed keeps your feet nice and toasty and gives your bedroom a chic, luxurious look. If you prefer rugs that are easier to clean and maintain, opt for cotton, polyester, or olefin rugs with a high stich count instead.

Use Plush Fabrics

Make couches and seats more comfortable by selecting soft, plush fabrics, such as velvets, mohair, and chenille, for cushions and upholstery. Replace light cotton afghans and throws for ones made with more sumptuous fabrics, such as cashmere or thick wool blends.

A set of thick drapes made from velvet, heavy linen, or other rich fabric helps turn a room into a welcome refuge from the cold. Alternatively, special thermal lined curtains in faux suede or faux satin look stylish and are relatively inexpensive. Don’t forget to leave curtains open during the day to allow your room to soak up some sun.

Light a Few Lamps and Candles

A little extra lighting helps lift the gloomy mood of winter. Using lamps instead of harsh overhead lights adds a warm and romantic ambiance to any room. Be sure to choose compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, with a warmer temperature to achieve a soft, yellow light similar to that of incandescent bulbs.

Aside from producing additional heat, the flickering flames of candles and tea lights cast a soothing, dreamy glow that makes a space look and feel extra special. Use scented candles infused with fragrances such as vanilla, cinnamon, gingerbread, or sweet orange to stir up pleasant memories and to add another layer of comfort to a room.

A home isn’t chic if you’re shivering inside it. Bring warmth and style into your home this snowy season with these simple winter decorating ideas.

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