January 7, 2014

Smart and Stylish Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

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Your marvelous Christmas tree has been a great source of beauty and inspiration all season long, but now it deserves a well-earned beauty sleep.

To preserve the look and condition of your tree, avoid packing your tree in the original cardboard box it arrived in. Once a tree has been fluffed, squeezing it back into its box is difficult and can damage the its branches, tips, and lights. Also, cardboard boxes deteriorate over time, potentially exposing your tree to pests, dust, and the elements.

If you’re serious about keeping your tree in tip-top shape, consider these top-notch storage solutions.

1. Big Red Tree Storage Bag

If you’re looking for a convenient, high-quality Christmas tree bag at a wallet-friendly price, Treetopia’s Big Red Tree Storage Bag is a great option.

Treetopia's Big Red Tree Storage Bag

Its lightweight construction, durable side handles, and three solid rolling wheels are specifically designed to make moving your tree into storage quick and hassle-free. The roomy interior of this tree bag provides tons of space to pack full-shaped artificial Christmas trees, even those up to 9 feet tall. With its removable ID tag, you’ll know exactly what’s inside the bag without having to open it. Another feature you’ll love is its festive red color, which makes it easy to spot in a crowded storage room or closet.

2. High Roller Large Tree Storage Bag

Treetopia’s High Roller Large Tree Storage Bag has an innovative design that allows easy and efficient storage of 7.5- to 9-foot trees.

Treetopia's High Roller Large Tree Storage Bag

Simply attach the bag to the special wheeled stand like a tree skirt and assemble your Christmas tree as you normally would. After the holidays, remove the ornaments, and pull up the bag to compress and cover the entire upright tree. With its four locking wheels, you can roll the entire tree into your basement or garage with hardly any effort at all. This ingenious storage method keeps your tree from getting crushed and makes setting up faster for next Christmas.

For trees up to 7.5 feet in height, you may opt for Treetopia’s High Roller Medium Tree Storage Bag.

3. Rollaway Extra Large Tree Dolly

For maximum convenience and superior protection of your Christmas tree, consider Treetopia’s Rollaway Extra Large Tree Dolly.

Treetopia's Rollaway Extra Large Tree Dolly crop

This tree bag features heavy-duty polyester fabric construction and a reinforced steel frame to provide your tree the protection and support it needs. Its spacious interior fits trees up to 9 feet tall without the usual cramming and jamming that can damage delicate trees. The built-in compression straps help keep your tree compact and steady, while the four rugged wheels allow the bag to glide smoothly to your storage area.

When it’s time to tuck your tree in for its year-long snooze, keep it safe and sound with these smart and stylish storage solutions.

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