January 9, 2014

Great Storage Ideas for Christmas Decorations

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After the holidays, it’s important to take the time and effort to properly pack away your Christmas decorations. Maintaining the good condition of your tree ornaments, Christmas lights, and wreaths means you can use them again next year instead of buying new ones. Keep your holiday décor safe and sound with these easy and effective storage tips.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights have a tendency to get tangled up easily if they’re not stored properly. To avoid messy knots and broken bulbs, try some of these simple organizing ideas.

Tangled and twisted string of Christmas lights

Plastic bag – Wrap a light strand around your hand and elbow to form a circle, then use zip ties to secure the bundle. Place the lights in a large zip top bag, and label the bag according to color, type, or where it’s placed around the house. Store the bags in a sturdy plastic bin.

Cardboard – Take a sheet of strong cardboard, cover it with leftover giftwrapping paper, and cut small slits at both ends. Carefully wrap the light strand around the sheet and use the slits to secure the plugs.

Christmas Ornaments

The original boxes your ornaments came in make suitable containers for storage. If they are no longer available, repurposing empty egg cartons or plastic apple trays is a convenient, eco-friendly solution. A dozen small figurines, danglers, or Christmas balls will fit easily in the separate compartments of these containers.

Brightly colored ornaments inside Treetopia Two-Tray Treasure Keeper

You may also consider getting a special ornament container, such as Treetopia’s Two-Tray Treasure Keeper. This chest is sturdy and specially designed to hold and protect delicate three-inch ornaments. It features two removable trays with durable acid-free cardboard dividers and accommodates up to 48 individual ornaments. The exterior is made from thick polyester fabric that blocks sunlight to keep ornaments from fading. It’s perfect for valuable or highly prized, sentimental pieces.

Christmas Wreaths

One simple way to store your artificial wreath is to first wrap it in a heavy-duty plastic bag, such as a dry-cleaning bag or a trash bag, to keep away dust. Attach a hook and hang the bag in your storage space. Hanging the wreath minimizes the chance of it getting crushed by other objects.

Store wreaths conveniently with Treetopia's Easy-Going Wreath Storage Bag

For a safer and more stylish option, you can use a special wreath container, such as Treetopia’s Easy-Going Wreath Storage Bag. Made with durable yet lightweight fabric, this bag features a direct suspend system which uses a built-in hook to connect to the wreath’s wire frame. This allows the bag to be suspended without causing the wreath inside to sag and bend out of shape.

Keep your Christmas decorations safe and ready for next season’s festivities with these simple storage tips.



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