January 2, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Post-Holiday Stress

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It may seem ironic, but feeling stressed after Christmas is not uncommon. After enjoying a fun and exciting vacation, many people dread returning to their usual work routine. Factors such as pressure to become productive again, anxiety over New Year’s resolutions, and other expectations can make it hard to relax and focus. Let’s look at some ways of coping with post-holiday stress.

1. Clear out remnants of the holidays.

Don’t wait too long to take down the Christmas tree and pack away decorations. Seeing these can bring back memories, good or otherwise, and prolong your holiday hangover.

Various Christmas decor scattered on table

Less clutter and distractions allow you to concentrate on more important things. Look at this as a great opportunity to rearrange the furniture and redecorate for the rest of winter.

2. Stay connected with people.

After being surrounded with friends and relatives over the holiday season, you may feel sad and isolated being surrounded with people you are not close to or by not many people at all. Reconnecting with loved-ones is a good way to lift your mood. Meet with them over dinner or coffee and talk about experiences over the vacation season.

3. Ease back into your routine.

Your body and mind will need time to adjust before returning to your usual office pace, so try scheduling a rest day to wind down from all the fun of the past few weeks.

Stressed office worker sitting face down on table

Holding important meetings in the morning of the first day of work can be counter-productive. Instead, start with easy tasks, such as reading your email or arranging your workspace.

4. Choose to be positive.

A positive frame of mind is a powerful tool to have after the holiday season. If you encountered disappointments, conflicts, or other unpleasant experiences over the break, consider them as life lessons and do your best to move on.

Try thinking of new and interesting activities you want to do throughout the year.  Whether it’s traveling, renovating, getting married, or acquiring a new skill, planning enjoyable and fulfilling events will keep you so motivated and busy, you won’t have time to sulk.

5. Stay healthy.

Preparing holiday events, attending late night parties, and indulging in rich food and alcohol can take a toll on your health.

Group of women exercising on treadmills

If you’re feeling down and sluggish, get back in top form with plenty of sleep, a sensible diet, and some physical exercise. Reducing your consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine may also help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

If you have a great idea on how to overcome post-holiday stress, we’d love to hear about it on the comments section.



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