December 18, 2013

We've Got a Tree for That: PVC vs. Tinsel Christmas Trees

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Just like most artificial Christmas trees today, tinsel Christmas trees are made with a plastic called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The difference is that the needles of tinsel Christmas trees are coated with a special film that makes them shiny and metallic.

Conventional PVC trees and tinsel trees have a lot in common: their cost, weight, and durability are about the same. However, each type of tree has some unique advantages over the other. If you’re deciding which type to get this holiday season, then use this handy guide to help you out.

PVC Christmas Trees

1. Although tinsel trees are available in different colors, PVC artificial Christmas trees have a greater variety of shades to choose from. Pink PVC trees, for instance, can range in hue from baby pink, bubblegum pink to hot pink.

Treetopia's Pretty In Pink Christmas Tree

PVC trees also come in designs and themes which are not usually found in tinsel trees, such as striped, patriotic, and camouflage patterns.

2. Compared to tinsel trees, PVC Christmas trees offer greater realism. Some green PVC and PVC-blend trees are designed to mimic the appearance of actual live trees. For example, Treetopia’s Oh Christmas Tree is a convincing replica of the white spruce tree found in North America.

Treetopia’s Oh Christmas Tree

Tinsel trees are not intended to appear realistic, but are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated for its uniqueness and sparkling visual impact.

3. PVC trees are available in other shapes to meet certain preferences or requirements. Small rooms or apartments with limited space will benefit from corner trees or flat backs. These specialized trees take up only a fraction of the area a full-sized tree would.

Tinsel Christmas Trees

1. Tinsel trees, such as Treetopia’s Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree, are usually dazzling by themselves, so they don’t need as much light like ordinary PVC trees.

Treetopia’s Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree

Even during the evening, the tinsel tips catch and reflect ambient light so the tree looks bright and cheerful even without switching on its lights. This features also makes it energy-saving and economical.

2. You don’t need a lot of ornaments to make a tinsel tree look impressive. With a PVC tree, the focus is usually on the tree’s ornaments. With a tinsel tree, however, you’ll want to minimize the decoration to place attention on the tree’s shiny and sparkly branches. This allows you to spend more on high-grade key pieces rather than on a mass of décor of standard quality.

3. Silver tinsel trees, such as Treetopia’s Silver Stardust Tinsel Christmas Tree, have a cool, retro look that hearkens back to 1950’s aluminum trees, which were an expression of that era’s wholesome optimism.

Treetopia’s Silver Stardust Tinsel Christmas Tree

Today, vintage aluminum trees are much sought-after by collectors and nostalgia-lovers alike.

Whether you love conventional PVC trees or tinsel trees, visit Treetopia and you’re sure to find a stylish artificial Christmas tree to make your holiday celebrations more spectacular and memorable.

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