December 26, 2013

Easy Tips for a Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party

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The past year has been quite a roller coaster ride and everyone is looking forward to starting 2014 with a bang. Pulling off the perfect New Year’s Eve Party is easy if you follow these simple suggestions.


A simple way to enhance the festive look of your existing Christmas décor is to add balloons. Get helium ones in white, silver, or a color that matches your holiday palette. Allowing them to float freely on the ceiling instead of tying them to objects creates great visual impact.

A white table cloth helps reflect light to keep your party space bright. Embellish the table with confetti and a bit of glitter to give it a magical sparkle.

m_bartosch fdp

Party favors such as hats, tiaras, carnival masks, feather boas, horns, streamers, and noisemakers double nicely as décor. Get them in a variety of attractive colors and designs, and let guests take them home as parting gifts.

Food and drinks

In lieu of a sit-down dinner, serve bite-sized appetizers throughout the evening, such as this scrumptious BBQ Jalapeno Poppers from Your Home Based Mom. This bacon-wrapped treat helps balance out alcohol without weighing you down with too much carbs. Remember to place snack bowls filled with chips, mixed nuts, and pretzels around the room to keep guests munching.

BBQ Jalapeno Poppers
Photo from Home Based Mom

Keep the party going after midnight by serving your guests a hearty midnight snack, such as this Smoked Salmon Hash with Poached Eggs and Horseradish Cream from The Foodie Couple.

Beer and wine are good standard fare, but a signature cocktail will make your party a lot more memorable. To make a sinfully delicious Dark Chocolate Martini, simply shake 1 part vodka with 1 part dark crème de cacao with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

When the clock strikes twelve, serve your guests an Atomic Champagne Cocktail and begin the new year with a blast. Loaded with vodka, brandy, and sherry, it’s a tasty way to extend your stock of Champagne.


To create a light and lively mood, go online, research, and put together a collection of cool New Year songs to play in the background. Keep guests engaged by organizing a poker tournament. You can also fire up the X-Box or Wii for some motion-controlled dancing, sports, and party games.

Evening’s end

There’s a good chance that some of your guests will need a cab ride home, so keep a list of local taxi firms handy for those who haven’t booked ahead.

dhester morgue

Send your guests home with a cute paper bag filled with a small bottle of water, antacid, headache tablets, and a sachet of Emergen-C. After a long night, they will appreciate these little care packages.

The clock is slowly counting down to 2014, so keep these simple celebration ideas in mind and make the last party of the year a stylish and smashing success!



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