December 31, 2013

Christmas Tree Decorating Trends of 2013

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The Christmas season has left an inedible mark on all of us with its inspiring visions and dazzling looks. Before the New Year arrives, let’s reflect on the beauty of the holiday season and look back on the stylish and unforgettable Christmas tree decorating trends of 2013.

1.       Nature-inspired 

In 2013, decorating a Christmas tree with elements gathered from nature continued to give homes a sense of warmth and authenticity. Pine cones were a popular choice, along with antlers, feathers, and acorns, which together offered a tasteful and masculine theme.

Hydrangea heads, pressed flowers, and branches from evergreen trees were used for a blooming design that was beautifully feminine. Burlap, wood, metal and glass ornaments were added for texture.


With pine cones, and its white and green berries perched on a base composed of feathery pine needles and realistic Noble and Fraser fir tips, Treetopia’s Harvest Pine wreath and garland marvelously highlights the beauty of nature. Melding classic and contemporary design sensibilities, this elegant piece is available in both unlit and clear-prelit variants.

2.    DIY Ornaments

Homemade ornaments were a hot trend particularly among money-savers and crafters. DIY Christmas decorating ideas included sparkly pasta bowtie garlands, and pretty yet simple ornaments made from old paperback books and unused sheet music.

In the photo, handcrafted fabric and paper stars, and personalized gift bags decorate a Christmas tree. A paper chain made from music sheets work as a unique garland. Stars made from sticks and dainty little bows were added for a bit of romantic appeal.

3.    Bold Colors

Many Christmas tree designs went beyond the traditional green and red, creating a fresh take on traditional holiday decor. Bold, unconventional choices spanned from the color of the tree itself, to that of the ornaments.

Featuring layers of shiny bright ornaments in wild rainbow colors, the white tree in the image breathes life and character into this space.


If you’re feeling bold enough, go for mini multi-colored Christmas trees that you can display throughout your home. You can highlight these pieces as a group or by themselves. Our Rainbow Gumdrop Mini Trees come in delightful colors that will make you feel like a child in a candy store!

For more designs, check out Treetopia’s collection of multi-colored Christmas trees.

4.      Nostalgic Christmas 

Some tree themes took inspiration from past Christmas memories. For a lot of homeowners, decorating a Christmas tree meant unpacking the family’s collection of vintage ornaments and old-fashioned holiday graphics.

In the photo, we see a Christmas tree decorated with framed photographs, creating a vision that’s both deeply personal and nostalgic. It’s inexpensive too. What perhaps is most wonderful about this décor idea is that it stands as a reminder of the blessings that the family should be thankful for.

5. Whimsical Christmas

Fun-loving homeowners celebrated the holidays this year by adding whimsy to their decor. Gorgeous trees featuring a luscious candy land display, and gingerbread and silly snowman themes exploded with color and fun. Consistently present were bold ornaments in jewel tones with lots of sparkles and stripes.

Aside from the colorful baubles, this whimsical tree also featured cute, dangling sock monkeys and adorable cupcakes.


Achieve the right whimsical look by shopping for great quality Christmas tree ornaments. Treetopia’s selection of charming baubles, bells, knitted ornaments and stockings features fun designs that can help you add quirkiness to your tree.

6. Enchanted Christmas

Adornments inspired by mythical creatures also provided Christmas trees with a dimension of magic and charm. Fancy fairy garden themes featured a lovely display of pixie figurines, dragonflies, and jewel-colored glass pinecone and acorn ornaments.

In a traditional Christmas tree, these crowned swan ornaments added just the right amount of enchantment, elegance, and grace.

7.      Animal Theme

From exotic peacocks to wildlife safari, animals inspired many of 2013’s Christmas tree decorating ideas. Elegant and opulent, peacock feathers gave Christmas trees a uniquely avian allure.

Still exploring the beautiful diversity of the wild, households made use of a Safari-themed Christmas by displaying a selection of carved wooden animals found in the African grasslands. These made for a truly captivating and gorgeous artificial tree.


Christmas memories stay with us our entire lives, and holiday decorating trends make each of these memories more special. Treetopia hopes you had a fabulous time decorating your tree this Christmas season!

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