December 12, 2013

Christmas Party Theme Ideas Inspired by Christmas Carols

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Our favorite Christmas songs, whether they’re traditional or modern, embody some of the best aspects of the holiday. This season, impress your guests with unique Yuletide party themes inspired by beloved Christmas tunes.

1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Let everyone’s favorite reindeer guide your holiday decorating and entertaining theme this Christmas.


Use reindeer-themed ornaments on your Christmas tree, but keep it elegant by sticking to a single color family, such as red, silver, or gold. Brighten your tree with red and white Christmas lights by swapping out a few clear bulbs with red-colored ones. Create these handmade reindeer paper chains and use them as adorable Christmas mantel decoration.


For a fun and easy appetizer, make cute reindeer faces with Laughing Cow cheese wedges, black olives, pretzels, and red peppers.

For dessert, try this recipe for Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies from Bakergirl. These cookies are simple to make, scrumptious, and super cute.


Bright red drinks help make your party theme pop! Cranberry cocktails, strawberry daiquiris, and raspberry martinis are great options. This lively Hibiscus-Honey Iced Tea has a lovely red color and contains a bit of light rum for a nice little kick.

2. White Christmas

Make your dream of a white Christmas come to life with a sophisticated white and silver color scheme.


A white tree, such as the Treetopia Winter White Christmas Tree, will look stunning bedecked with metallic ornaments.

Treetopia Winter White Christmas Tree with ornaments

For a traditional green tree, use white ball ornaments of various sizes and textures, clear lights, and add a light touch of silver tinsel. Set a sleek and elegant table and cover with pristine white tablecloth along with white napkins and your finest white china and silverware.


Keep to your wintry white theme by serving white colored foods, such as clam chowder, rice and pasta dishes, white fish with crème fraiche, scallops with herbs, and this creamy and luxurious Cauliflower/Brie Soup. Top it off with flair by serving a rich and tempting white chocolate cheesecake.


To make a smooth and creamy White Russian, pour 5 parts of vodka and 2 parts coffee liqueur into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Add fresh cream on top, stir slowly, and enjoy.

3. 12 Days of Christmas

Give your true love a cozy holiday home decorated to reflect the season’s abundance of joy and goodwill.


Adorn your tree and interiors with any of the wide variety of indoor Christmas decorations and ornaments inspired by this timeless tune. This theme can look gaudy if overdone, so make sure not to over-decorate and select elegant designs instead of cartoony graphics.


Serve dishes that echo the unforgettable lyrics of this carol, such as Cherry-glazed Cornish Hen, gingerbread ladies, and Ham and Swiss Baked Egg Souffles.

Crispy, golden-brown onion rings

These crispy golden onion rings are easy to make and are always a big hit with a hungry crowd.


Keep your party-goers in good spirits with cocktails made with pear liqueur or pear brandy-based cocktail, such as this sophisticated Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail.

Surprise and delight your guests with these Christmas decorating and entertaining ideas inspired by your favorite Christmas songs.



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