November 20, 2013

Treetopia’s Design Council 2013: Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators

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Learn how to bring out the full beauty of your Treetopia Christmas tree with Treetopia’s Design Council 2013. In this series, we invite expert design bloggers to decorate their favorite Treetopia Christmas tree and share the fabulous results with us. Be inspired and discover the fine art of Christmas tree decorating with these terrific tips and amazing advice straight from the pros.

This delightfully decorated Christmas tree comes to us courtesy of Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators.

The lovely and versatile Treetopia Basics – White Tree is the subject of Jennifer’s keen sense of design in her “My White Christmas Tree & A Treetopia Giveaway” blog article.

Jennifer has always wanted a white tree, so she chose this slim, snowy tree to brighten up the look of her basement. Intended as a “kids’ tree,” Jennifer loaded her tree with vibrant colors and craft decorations to make it look super fun and playful. Complementing the array of shimmering ball ornaments are hand-decorated glittery pine cones, pink plastic cups and teapots, and a gorgeous handmade paper chain. As a cute and clever touch, she used two of her daughter’s colorful tutus as a tree skirt.

Jennifer lives in Toronto with her husband and their daughter, Chloe. She is an experienced project manager in the IT consulting industry and a great lover of architecture and interior design. She and her husband have co-authored an architecture book, and they continue to decorate and renovate the beloved mid-century house they call home. Through her blog, Jennifer writes about home life, crafts, sewing, and the importance of giving value to details. Get to know more about Jennifer with this short Q&A:

How did you get your start?

I started blogging when my husband and I were searching for our first home six years ago. The blog chronicles our adventures in renovating, DIYing, decorating, and transforming our house into a home.

Favorite place to be for the holidays?

At home. Our house is small but cozy. We like to host intimate dinner parties over the holidays, just a few friends, good food, and sparkling conversation.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

We host a Pancakes and Pajamas party the week before Christmas. It’s a chance for my immediate family (parents, siblings, and their children) to spend time together before the hoopla and frenzy of the holidays take hold. We wear our pajamas, build gingerbread houses, and eat breakfast for dinner. I look forward to it all year!

How do you describe your holiday decorating style?

I would say it’s easy and simple with a touch of whimsy. I do lots of holiday crafts with my four-year-old daughter, so our decorating has become more fun and colorful, too.

Favorite holiday food, recipe, or drink?

My favorite meal is brunch on Christmas morning. This recipe, baked eggs, bacon, and spinach in ramekins, is uncomplicated but feels special.

Best holiday indulgence?

Hot chocolate. With lots of marshmallows!

Best holiday gift ever received? 

My husband framed a copy of the first written article I ever had published

Regifting – okay or not okay?

It’s okay only if you know the person receiving it will love the gift.

What is your favorite piece of holiday décor and why?

The red berry wreath that goes on our black front door. Seeing it as I drive up the street, our house covered in newly fallen snow… it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

What are your favorite places to get holiday design inspiration?

Pinterest! From recipes to holiday outfits to tree decorating ideas, they’re all there.

What is the most over-the-top holiday design you’ve seen?

An upside down Christmas tree. I wouldn’t even know how to start decorating that!

Any holiday decorating tips you’d like to share?

Have more than one Christmas tree! You can create a traditional tree, a kids’ tree, a blue-themed tree… It’s a fun way to make use of all of your holiday decorations!

Mind sharing with us what you’ll be doing for your home this Christmas? 

I like to have decorations throughout the house. We place a large Christmas tree in our small living room and put decorations on mostly every surface: mini trees on the sideboard, a wreath above the fireplace, and small floral arrangements in the bathroom and bedrooms. And my daughter has a small pink Christmas tree we put in her bedroom. She gets free reign on how to decorate it.

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