November 26, 2013

Essential Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Black Friday is arguably the most awaited day for holiday shoppers and bargain hunters. This annual event can be full of frenzy and excitement, so consider these simple and helpful shopping tips when deciding what to buy on this madcap day.


Be careful when buying big ticket items like a TV. Some low-priced TVs are derivative models produced especially for Black Friday and may have lower specs, less features, or a shorter warranty than the standard model. This may be acceptable for a second or third set, but if you are looking to upgrade your main TV or build a home theater, remember that the best TV deals are offered right before the Super Bowl in early February.

Widescreen projection TV in a luxurious home theater

The Superbowl season is the best time to buy a TV

Don’t be tempted to buy an outdated smartphone just because it comes free with a 24-month service contract. Chances are very good that you can find great deals on newer phones at the same store. Compared to last year’s models, recently released phones usually have a sharper screen, faster processor, and more convenient features.


When it comes to toys, it’s best to play the waiting game. According to dealnews, most of the hottest items discounted by top toy retailers on Black Friday saw additional price cuts in the first two weeks of December. This also applies to standard toys, such as Legos, dolls, and play sets, whose prices can drop by as much as 37% in December.

Lego blocks of various colors

Hold off buying toys until the first few weeks of December

There are occasional exceptions, though. So if you absolutely want to get that fabulous toy, look for a store with a price-match guarantee. That way, you’re protected even if the price drops later on.


Shopping for clothes on Black Friday can be tricky. Some people buy a steeply discounted piece of clothing even if it isn’t their style. Always opt for clothes that are right for you even if they cost a bit more.

Clothes rack filled vintage dresses

Prepare well before you shop for clothes

Choosing and fitting clothes can take up a lot of your precious time. If you’re buying clothes for yourself, do it after you’re done shopping for your main Christmas items. Better yet, do your fitting before Black Friday so you’ll know what size you need if that item goes on sale.

Jewelry and luxury items

Some believe that Black Friday runs contrary to the ideals harbored by luxury stores. Surprisingly, high-end retailers do participate in Black Friday promotions, and offer even better discounts and freebies in their outlet stores. Just don’t expect luxury shops to open at midnight. These posh stores open their doors at around 9-10 a.m. to give their clientele enough time for their beauty sleep.

Keep these smart spending tips in mind and make your Black Friday shopping spree successful, rewarding, and fun!


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