October 9, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pets

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Don’t leave your loyal dog out of all the Halloween fun. With a cute miniature costume, your furry friend becomes even more adorable and is sure to be the center of attention during Halloween parties. Here are some charming pet costume ideas you can try, plus a few tips to keep your pet safe and happy on Halloween.


This costume will turn your furry, four-legged friend into a hairy, eight-legged giant spider. Get ready to trap unsuspecting candy-bearing victims in this web of cuteness!

dog wearing a spider costume

The cuddly kind of bug: Spider dog costume

Helpful tip 1: There will be a lot of people celebrating Halloween, so make sure to keep your pet safe and always in your line of sight with a reflective or light-up collar and leash.


Arrrr-f! This roguish pirate costume shows your dog is ready for an action-packed night. There are dozens of pirate costumes available for pets, including fancy ones that make your dog look like a pillaging puppy carrying a chest full of gold.

dogs dressed up as a pirate and a devil

Danger never looked so good: Pirate and devil dog costumes

Helpful tip 2: Make sure your pet’s costume doesn’t have small, dangling pieces that could be easily chewed off and ingested. Never leave a pet in costume alone and unsupervised.

Dog Vader

Outfit your dog in this villainous costume and wreak fun chaos at a party. If you and your pet would rather be heroes, dress him up as Superdog and get your Supergirl or Superman costume ready.

dog in a Darth Vader costume

A cute Force to reckon with: Pug in a Darth Vader costume

Helpful tip 3: Be sure that your pet’s costume does not restrict his or her movement or obstruct his or her hearing, breathing, and ability to bark or meow. Ill-fitting costumes may get caught on objects and lead to injury.

Hot Diggety Dog

If you relish the thought of a silly yet endearing suit for your pup, a classic wiener costume is a winner. This deliciously ironic costume is sure to make your canine companion the hottest dog in town.

dog in a hotdog costume

A cute bun-dle: Dress up your dog in a hotdog costume

Helpful tip 4: Not all dogs and cats enjoy wearing items of clothing. If your pet seems distressed with his or her costume, you’ll have to settle with him or her going au naturel.

Angel Dog

Filled with loyalty and unconditional love, our pets are truly heaven-sent. Show off the little guardian angel in your life with this simple and comfortable one-piece cherub costume.

dog in an angel costume

Heaven-sent companion: Dog in an angel costume

Helpful tip 5: Chocolate and some candies contain ingredients that can be highly toxic to pets. Dispose of candy wrappers and lollipop sticks properly and make sure your pets can’t reach into the trash.

With careful planning, pets and pet-owners can have a howling good time this Halloween. If you have a photo of your little darling in a costume, share them on the Treetopia Facebook page.


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