October 16, 2013

Creepy Halloween Cocktails to Die For

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After an evening of spooky ghosts and apparitions, you’ll surely want to relax in the company of other spirits. These creepy concoctions are simple to make and are perfect for livening up your haunted house party this Halloween. So, gather up your cauldron, some bat wings, and eye of newt, and brew these bewitching beverages.

Brain Hemorrhage

Shot glass filled with an alcohol mixture that looks like brain matter
Be inspired by a Brain Hemorrhage

Do you have the guts to gulp down this spine-shivering shooter? Designed to bring out the evil mad scientist in you, this delightfully gory glass of brain matter-like mass tastes just like peaches and cream.

Mix up your own Brain Hemorrhage by first filling a standard shot glass about halfway with peach schnapps. Next, carefully pour in a layer of Bailey’s Irish Cream and give it a few moments to settle. Finally, add a few drops of grenadine syrup to complete the effect.

To make an eerie Alien Brain Hemorrhage, slowly pour in a small amount of blue curacao before adding the grenadine syrup.

Wine glass rimmed with red syrup, garnished with a gummy worm, and filled with an alcoholic white mixture
Drain a glass of Vampire Cocktail as a Halloween treat

Vampire Cocktail

Transforming into a bat and terrorizing the local peasant folk can be thirsty work for a vampire. Fortunately, this blood-curdling cocktail is one refreshing treat that you can really sink your fangs into.

To make a Vampire Cocktail, first prepare a thick, white drink. You can make a fruity piña colada by blending light rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice with crushed ice. Another sweet option is a Velvet Hammer variation which blends triple sec and white crème de cacao with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Next, decorate a chilled cocktail glass with strawberry syrup to simulate dripping blood. Pour in your drink, and garnish with a red and white gummy worm to up the fear factor.

Mad-Eye Martini

blue cocktail with floating lychee as eye
Drive yourself mad with this Mad-eye Martini

This eye-popping cocktail has a lovely pale blue color courtesy of its primary ingredient, Hypnotiq, which is a popular liqueur made of fruit juices, vodka, and cognac.

Make this gruesome-looking martini by combining Hypnotiq, vodka, and lychee juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. To create the eyeball garnish, pat dry a lychee and fill it with cherry or strawberry preserve. Insert a blueberry, with its blossom facing out, into the cavity. Skewer the lychee with a cocktail pick and enjoy!

Instead of serving the usual Bloody Mary’s, spook your guests with these fun and deliciously gruesome cocktails, and make your Halloween party a screaming success!



Photo credits:

Photo from TangoPango via flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

Photo from Dinner Series via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Photo from Dinner Series via flickr. CC BY 2.0


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