September 26, 2013

We’ve Got A Tree For That Series: Toasted Champagne Christmas Tree

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As nature’s greens turn into gold this fall, let your home become more in tune with its surroundings with a tree that not only exudes radiance, but also highlights the elegance of your interiors.

Treetopia helps you celebrate the start of a new season with its very own Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Christmas Tree.

Here are some ways to adorn this tree for the fall up until the holiday season ends using popular Christmas color schemes:

Warm Red on Gold

Red is a popular Christmas color, maybe because it’s the same shade as St. Nick’s clothes. But aside from that, it’s also a vibrant shade that adds a festive note to your holiday celebrations.

Red combined with gold creates one of the most loved color palettes during the holidays. Together, these colors represent the fire that you need to keep warm during cold winter nights. Red ornaments abound, thanks to the popularity this color enjoys during Christmas. Among these ornaments are apples, poinsettia flowers, and holly berries that lend a natural feel to your décor. The traditional red Christmas balls and red bows create a fancy and festive look, while candy canes and these vintage red sleigh bell ornaments add a distinctly nostalgic feel.

Sparkling Silver on Gold

Much like gold, silver represents riches. But unlike the former, silver brightens up your living spaces with its cooler tone. As such, this metallic color is loved by those who want to recreate the chilly atmosphere of a white wintry Christmas.

Hang silver ornaments on a gold tree to create an elegant, luxurious centerpiece. This cool color balances the warm tone of gold while adding to its sparkle. Snowflakes, icicles, twinkling silver stars, finials, and frosted silver bells are some of the widely available silver ornaments. Choose ones with a glittery finish if you want a dazzling effect, or opt for matte versions for a subtle glow.

Opulent Gold on Gold

Gold during Christmastime represents light, warmth, and wealth. Decorating your gold Christmas tree with golden ornaments creates an opulent feel without overwhelming the space. To make your centerpiece much more dramatic, use a monochromatic scheme by selecting ornaments in different shades of gold. Use texture to add interest and depth. Drape garlands, hang ornaments with different finishes, and add pinecones and ribbons to create a decadent Christmas tree that glows from within.

Festive Colors on Gold

A rainbow of colors creates a festive and bright holiday atmosphere. Hang classic red, green, and white Christmas balls on a gold tree if you want to stay true to tradition. Spice it up by adding a shiny silver ribbon.

Look beyond the classic Christmas red-and-green color palette if you desire a fun, whimsical décor. But choose colors of the same depth or intensity since mixing subdued shades with vibrant hues will not work in a multicolor scheme. Prevent an overdone look by using clear lights and minimizing (or completely eliminating) the use of garlands and ribbons.

Natural Green on Gold (Reverse-decoration)

A symbol of hope for new beginnings, green foliage uplifts the spirit during the cold months. Evergreen plants such as holly, ivy, and mistletoe were historically hung around the house to remind people that spring would come after the winter.

The gold and green color scheme is a classic favorite in decorating classic green Christmas trees. During the holidays, the traditional fir is draped in gold garland and adorned with glittering gold ornaments. Use the same color harmony in decorating your gold tree by simply reversing the colors of the tree and the ornaments. Hang green Christmas balls and finials, and put up green garlands and bows.

Depending on your chosen color scheme, Treetopia’s Toasted Champagne Christmas Tree can be a traditional or a nouveau centerpiece. Either way, this unique Christmas tree is a gorgeous décor for the holidays, ushering in Christmas cheer and excitement for everyone.


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