August 20, 2013

Wall-tastic!: Designing with Decals

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Showing your artistic side is challenging, and it takes more than just selecting home furnishings that stick to your creative taste. Great news is, you don’t have to be an artist to make your home look artistic! Check out how you can improve your home’s appeal and uniqueness through wall décor using wall decals.

What are Wall Decals?

Wall decals are stickers that can be applied to walls or other flat surfaces. Also called wall vinyls or wall tattoos, decals are traditionally made of self-adhesive vinyl films. Today, premium versions may come in a range of new materials including finely woven polyester fabric and durable resin.

Advantages of Wall Decals over Wallpaper or Paint

  1. Wall decals offer a unique look
    Wall decals are a great way to show your unique style. Many companies produce vinyl stickers according to your specifications in matters of both size and design. Graphic options can be anything from a favorite landscape to even a personal photo.
    But even if you opt for mass-produced decals, you can still achieve an original look since people are very unlikely to use them the same way.
  2. Wall decals are easy to apply and remove
    Unlike traditional wall treatments, wall decals are very easy to put up and can be applied by almost anyone. You simply peel and stick them to any clean, smooth surface without the need for pre-treatment. The decals won’t look inconsistent like paint or wrinkled like wallpaper, and they will stay put until the time you want to peel them off.
    Wall decals are likewise easy to remove. They won’t leave any residue or marks, or ruin the surface of the area you applied them on.
  3. Wall decals are reusable
    Wallpaper can only be used one time, but removable wall decals can be used over and over again as long as you keep the back of the sticker clean. This makes decals a great choice for those who frequently redecorate. Whenever you decide to do some furniture rearranging, simply peel of the decal and re-position it onto a more suitable area.
  4. Wall decals are easy to clean
    Wallpapers or painted walls can be very difficult to clean when stained, often resulting in permanent damage. But vinyl decals are quite strong and not easily ruined. All you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth
  5. Wall decals are safer to use
    Wall decals are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and very safe to use. This is a great advantage compared to some paints and wallpapers which may contain harmful solvents or health-damaging chemicals.
  6. Wall decals work on different surfaces
    Most wall decals stick to almost any surface, whether uneven, smooth, or textured. They also adhere to wood, plaster, concrete, or brick, and can be used on ceilings, glass, and doors, giving you more ways to personalize any room in the house.

Wall Decal Designs

Wall decals come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be as simple as small wall borders or as complex as mural artworks for an entire wall. Styles can range from traditional to contemporary.

    • Silhouettes
      Silhouette wall decals, which come in various colors, are among the most popular. Simple yet dramatic, these wall stickers offer a chic way to dress up walls and can be easily incorporated into an existing theme or color scheme.

In more ways than one, this human silhouette transforms bare walls into places that will inspire.

A chandelier silhouette adds visual layer to the living room without consuming space. Rhinestones can be added to recreate the sparkle of the actual light fixture.

  • Nature
    Nature-themed decals are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. Decals featuring woodland creatures, forest trees, and foliage add a woodsy feel to your home and create the perfect setting for escaping with a good book.

Nature-themed wall decals also make you feel like you’re sitting in a meadow.

  • Letters
wall decals

Letter decals are a wonderful way to display words and expressions that are meaningful to you and your family. Monograms, quotes, and lyrics look stunning on walls and doors, and are a creative way to add personality to a room.

Decorating a home with wall decals offers limitless possibilities. And the best thing is you don’t need to be a pro to successfully do it! All you need is boldness to express your imaginative side.

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