August 21, 2013

Timeless and Trendy Decor Styles

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Trends come and go but there are some styles that keep coming back. Find out which trends have true staying power from Treetopia

There are some styles that stay dormant for a while but always make a comeback in a big way. If you want to decorate your home in a fashion that will always be revived no matter what decade, check out some of the trends that never completely go out of style.

Close to Good Ol’ Home

Colorful knitted pillow cases, rugs, and table runners may seem like items from grandma’s closet but they have a habit of coming back in style, especially since DIY décor is big nowadays. You can easily incorporate this style in a few items in your home to accentuate your personal taste for classic, cozy décor.

Back to Nature

Nature always plays a major role in human lives so it’s no wonder that it has just as big an impact on fashion and trends, especially pertaining to human habitation. Flora and fauna will always have a place in your house, but no animals need to be harmed just to make your home beautiful.

Garden of Eden

While many urban homes are doing away with the garden, pocket and indoor gardens have seen a rise in popularity. However, this isn’t the first time that having plants indoors has become a “thing.” The classic style of harmonizing indoor and outdoor elements is just one of the interior decorating trends that we won’t seem to be saying goodbye to anytime soon. Get your little cracked teapots, tin cans, or ceramic mugs, and start growing a small herb or flower garden because this trend is creeping back in until it fully blooms again.

Animal Prints

You may have a strong stand against fur or were utterly shocked at Cruella de Vil’s animal cruelty but it doesn’t mean you can’t walk on the wild side by having animal print décor in your home. A nice simple printed zebra-striped fabric gives your interiors a classy boost.

Return to Retro

It seems like every decade sees the return of the retro style, so there’s not much contest that retro fashion is hard to kill, if not unyielding to the passage of different styles. Many home appliances are designed to look like their counterpart in the fifties, sixties, and seventies so there’s no harm in having retro-inspired décor in your home this decade. Of course, it’s also undeniable that retro fashion tends to complement even modern styles.

Use bold colors as the main canvass of your design, or play with colors and literally line your wall with them. After all, stripes are also a big retro design.

Style your home with any or a combination of the looks above and give your private residence a little touch of trendy and timeless.

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