June 17, 2013

Simple Ways to Create Zen Spots at Home

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Simple tricks to transform any space in your home into a Zen retreat

When you go home after a long, hard day at work, don’t you wish you could just stay in one room and erase all the stress from your day? If you work at home, wouldn’t it be best to have a special spot where you could just clear your thoughts and restore your calm, creative energy? Here’s a tip for you: transform an area in your home into a Zen spot where you could just wash away the negative aspects of your day or where you can simply focus on yourself and on the moment.

Before you can start designing your space, you must first identify which part of your home you want to transform. Walk around your residence and close your eyes to feel the atmosphere in every room. Determine which part of your home you are most comfortable in or which you think is perfect to be transformed. When you have chosen a room, remember the following during the designing phase:

Perfect Spot

How do you determine if a spot is perfect? It all depends on where you are comfortable. Your Zen space can be in your garden, if you have one, bedroom, powder room, or even a corner of your home office.



One of the reasons it’s easy to maintain a Zen space is because of its minimalist nature. Zen shifts its focus from the outer world to your inner self to achieve a calmer state of mind so you don’t really need to accessorize as much. All you need is enough space plus you.


To achieve a calmer state of mind, you must open yourself to the peaceful nature of your surroundings. You must also have enough space so as not to feel restricted. It is wise as well to choose a room where natural light prevails.



When you’re choosing a color for the walls, floor, and ceiling of your special place, go for earth tones. Earth tones help you relax because of their soft hues while bolder colors energize you or strengthen your current thought pattern if you aren’t calm yet.

In Communion with Nature

If you take a look at Zen-themed places, it’s impossible not to notice that natural elements are always present. Here are a few ideas you can use:

A small pond or water fountain

It doesn’t matter if you have a Koi pond or you only have space for a makeshift water fountain as big as your palm. The important thing is that when you close your eyes, you can still hear the sound of calm running water.


Yes, you read that right. Sand can be therapeutic because forming anything with sand takes a lot of patience. If you have a huge garden space, you can turn it into a sand garden, but if you don’t, you can just place enough loose sand in an old (or new) tray.


Growing a bonsai tree takes a lot of patience and discipline, and it is these two qualities that are needed to help you stay calm. You can use a potted bonsai tree as a centerpiece in your Zen space or, if you’d rather have large items, you can place driftwood in the center of the room.

Bonsai Tree for Zen space


Other things to help you become calmer are special incense sticks or aromatic oils you can light up. Breathing in the scents targeted to keep you calm will soothe your senses soon enough.



The elements aren’t complete if they don’t engage all of your senses, and since taste is an important sense, it is only natural to have a calming drink prepared to energize or soothe you. A hot cup of chamomile tea will surely help you relax at night.

Creating your own Zen space is not as difficult as you may imagine. Having your own Zen space at home will not only help you stay calm, but also increase your productivity because a calm state of mind allows ideas to flow more easily.

How would you design your Zen space?

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