June 25, 2013

Early Christmas Preparations for Leon Day

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Think it’s too early to prepare for Christmas? Think again because it’s exactly six months ’til the next one

It’s officially six months before Christmas day today. While you think it may still be too early to think about Christmas, time does fly and the next thing you know, December has arrived. To prepare for the holidays, you can decorate little by little, as if your décor is mimicking the approach of Christmas. Here are ways on how you can prepare for Christmas little by little:

Start with the Walls

Since you may not want to make it too obvious that you’re already preparing for Christmas, you don’t have to put up wreaths and garlands right away. You can just begin by preparing your walls for the décor and design they will soon have. This year is the perfect time for turning your home a little bit Christmas-y every month since the color of the year is emerald. You can paint your walls green, use green décor, or simply hang up emerald green curtains and you’re on your way there.

photo by Prairiekittin via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Add Little Trinkets

Displaying some cheery figurines and vintage Christmas photos is another way to subtly prepare your home for the holidays. What’s more fun is to display one or two Christmas ornaments a month, put them together in a clear glass bowl or display them above the fireplace until you really have to take out the Christmas tree, and finally hang the baubles there.

make Christmas "normal"

>Why Not the Tree?

Think of it this way: you’re an empowered individual who has an assertive personality, so if you want to take out your Christmas tree and display a full Christmas décor right now, you can do it! However if you’re not too keen about displaying your green Christmas tree right now, you can always check out Treetopia’s colorful Christmas trees and take your pick from there.

Oz’s Enchanted Emerald Christmas Tree

Make a List, Check it Twice!

Santa Claus isn’t the only one who should make a list of people he’s giving presents to. What’s the advantage of coming up with your list this early, you might ask. Well, this way, whenever you shop or travel, and you find an item that is perfect for someone, you can buy it and tick it off the list. You would also remember that you’ve already bought a present for someone, thereby avoiding buying someone a gift twice and adding extra clutter to your home.

Christmas Gift List

Preparing for a holiday as big a deal as Christmas this early can also be your stress reliever, so don’t be shy about it. Warm up to the idea a little and begin by following the suggestions above.

Let us know: Do you think you would ever decorate your home for Christmas this early?

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