June 11, 2013

Cozy Summer Bedrooms

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It’s time to take summer out of your dreams and into your bedroom!

If you can’t have your dream summer getaway just yet, then why not instill the summer vibe from your fantasy destination into your bedroom? If you’ve already read our “Summer Lovin’: Bringing Summer into Your Home” décor ideas, perhaps you’ve already started redecorating some parts of your home. Now it’s time to focus on your bedroom. Let yourself sleep and wake up to the relaxing vibe that conjures images of the sun, sand, and sea.

Lounge here, wake up in bed

What’s your ideal summer getaway? Is it really just all about hitting the beach or are you more of an avid camper? Whatever your favorite summer activity is, we have some ideas for your bedroom.


You can’t go wrong if your base color scheme is neutral since you can just add any color and décor to match the season. If you favor a neutral shade, choose white as your base color and come up with your ultimate summer theme using white as your canvas.


Summer is the time when color is everywhere since it’s the time of the year when flora and fauna are full of life and at their peak. There are three basic summer colors you can go for depending on your type of summer getaway. If you like the beach, go for cool blue hues to help you relax. If you love lounging around the bright, sunny park, choose varying shades of yellow. If you love the forest and enjoy outdoor adventures, go for greens. Being surrounded with colors that remind you of fun, relaxing times help your body relax.


It’s not only the colors in nature that make summer incredible, it’s also nature itself. So how can you increase the summer vibe in your bedroom? By inviting the natural elements, of course!


Allow the warm summer breeze to embrace you as you sleep or work in your room by using sheer curtains on your windows. The breeze also gives your room sufficient air circulation to prevent you from feeling like you’re in a microwave oven when inside your room. While you’re at it, you can also opt to install a nice ceiling fan to aid cool your bedroom.


What makes summer different? It’s the sun! The sun brings plants to life and its warmth awakens animals in slumber. Let the sun’s rays stream into your bedroom so its gentle morning light can caress your skin and give you a pleasant wake from a good night’s sleep.


Displaying blooming flowers in your room is another way to give your bedroom a summer vibe. Whether you choose flowers solely for aesthetic purposes or you display species that can positively affect your body and mood is entirely up to you.


Do you remember the time when summer just meant “it’s time to relax and have fun?” Well, it can still be this way in spite of your busy schedule. A nice sturdy hammock will do the trick. You don’t need a large garden or patio to install one, though. All you need is sufficient space in a small balcony so you can soak up the sun on weekends.

You can also install a hammock inside your bedroom so you can relax in style!

What about you? How do you welcome summer into your bedroom?

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