May 28, 2013

Summer Lovin’: Bring Summer into Your Home

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Get your home summer-ready with these tips and tricks to give your home that awesome summer atmosphere

Summer is fast approaching but if you still haven’t decided whether to just brighten up your home or create an artistic and imaginative living space, you may want to consider channeling your creativity and matching your home décor with the season. Here are some summer home décor ideas to bring out that wonderful summer vibe.

Repaint it

As always, repainting the walls and/or ceiling of your home is a valid option. If you choose to repaint your walls, choose cool, vibrant colors to reflect summer joie de vivre. Blue hues, especially light ones, conjure images of clear blue skies reflected upon vast oceans and seas. Bright yellows and greens bring with them the image of the Earth’s flora at its peak. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite summer activity and think of the color it resembles most so you can apply it to your home.


Floor it

Switch the very cozy flooring you had during winter and spring and use lighter, more colorful carpets for summer. If you have a nice wood, slate, or brick floor, you can just take out the carpet and polish your floor and your home will still have that cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Let the breeze in

Let’s go back to your walls. If you’re satisfied with the color or you don’t want to repaint, you can just change focus on your windows to invite the summer breeze in. You surely have heavier drapes to keep out the chilly air outside but now that it’s summer, you can change it up to light or sheer curtains that would sway with the wind.

Utilize it

If you have a small outdoor space, utilize it. Get yourself rattan or wicker furniture and turn your exterior space into an outdoor Zen retreat. You can just sit out there and enjoy your book or daydream as music fills your interiors.

photo by Wickerfurniture via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Style it

Summer days and nights may sometimes drive you to the edge not because of the heat but because of insects and other mosquitos. Install a mosquito net above your bed so you can sleep in peace with or without the breeze from outside. Not only is it fully functional, but it also adds style to your bedroom.

Highlight it

If you really love summer, there’s no better way to show it than by accentuating your home with trinkets and other things that remind you of summer. Do you have a shell collection from your memorable beach vacations? Get yourself a nice clear glass bowl and put them all together. You can even put sand at the bottom to really highlight the feel of the sun, sand, and sea.


Are you more earthy than anything? Placing vases with flowers in full bloom or blooming potted plants in the corners of rooms or on tables instantly brings out the vibrancy of summer in your home.


Share with us how you dress your home for summer.

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