May 16, 2013

Eat Pizza and Stay Healthy Too!

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Have your fill of delicious pizza without losing the battle of the bulge

It’s National Pizza Party Day on May 17th and what could be a better celebration of this popular, topping-filled dish than having your own pizza party! Don’t hold yourself back from enjoying a pizza party because Treetopia’s got your back: we’re sharing ways on how to enjoy pizza without jeopardizing your healthy diet.


Prepare Your Ingredients

Whether you will bake pizzas with a specific menu in mind before your guests arrive or you will lay out all the ingredients and allow your guess to mix and match (or try and err or succeed), it’s best to have fresh ingredients so that the full flavor is released. We suggest going for organic vegetable toppings although non-organic fresh vegetables will also do the trick. You can slice and dice the veggies and place them in an airtight container so the freshness is sealed (make sure your guests don’t forget to properly cover the containers).


I’ve Got a Crust on You

Even if everything that will be made during the party is pizza, it would be wonderful to still have choices. After all, not everyone has the same favorite pizza flavor and neither does everyone like the same crust. Give your guests crust choices for their pizza.


You can pre-make your own pizza dough or, if you don’t have time, purchase a pack from the grocery. You can also try any of these alternatives:

Go Mexican

If you’re in a hurry to prepare ingredients for your pizza party and you can’t find your favorite brand of pizza dough, try using pita bread. Pita bread is a great alternative to pre-made crust and it has a perfect “personal pizza” size. If you or your friends want a thin-crust pizza, use tortilla instead. Baked tortilla has a nice crispiness to it that makes it a great alternative to thin-crust pizza dough.

Go French

Perhaps you’ve seen pizza bread? That’s exactly what we’re going for. Slice whole wheat French bread in half, lengthwise, and place the pizza toppings on it. It’s easy and delicious!

Go extraordinary

Would you rather have a quick and simple, healthy (gluten-free) alternative crust recipe than buy bread? Challenge yourself with the Quinoa pizza crust. Here’s how to make a Quinoa Pizza Crust shared by Rob on the Positively Healthy blog.


Of course you know that what comes next is the pizza sauce. Again you have two choices: either purchase different flavors of pizza sauce from the grocery or make your own. A very simple pizza sauce starts with fresh tomatoes. If you like, you can try this really easy Pizza Sauce Recipe shared by lovely mom Jessica on her site, Good Cheap Eats (it’s really simple and really good!).


Top this!

Chop away at those fresh veggies because nothing makes pizza more enjoyable than fresh, crisp greens (and other vegetable colors). If you want meat in your pizza, simply lessen the amount of fat (or completely remove it) and eat in moderation. Remember that eating meat won’t jeopardize your figure. If you’re really really skeptical about the meat, there are a great number of alternatives for it. Tofu is one of them.


Can you say Cheese?

Gooey, melted, stringy cheese that complements the other ingredients and bursts with flavor makes pizza worthy of a national day. There are many types of cheese to choose from but the most common pizza cheeses used are: mozzarella, Provolone, cheddar, parmesan, Emmental and Romano. The best way for you to determine which one is your favorite is to visit the local cheese shop and try each one out. You can also purchase a little of everything so you and your friends can mix and match.


A Toast!

Since you’re bound to have a successful pizza party, start it with a toast. Wine is a nice pair for pizza but you have to make sure that they have complementing flavors. For instance, cheese pizzas are better paired with medium-bodies Shiraz and California Zinfandel while meaty pizzas react better with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Vegetarian pizzas, however, are great with Sauvignon Blanc. Don’t forget: drinking wine in moderation is also good for the heart.


What are you waiting for? Start calling up your friends now to invite them to the most awesome pizza party they could possibly attend this year.


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