May 21, 2013

Brighten Up Your Home!

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Keep your eyes sharp and clear through simple adjustments with your home décor

Home décor shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable; it should be easy on the eyes as well. Since May is Healthy Vision Month, Treetopia has gathered some tips and tricks on how to brighten up your home to reduce strain on your eyes.


It seems simple enough but what exactly does organizing have to do with clear eyesight? Well, the answer is also simple. The more clutter you have lying around the house, the more dust and dirt gather in your home. While dust and dirt don’t actually blind people, a heavy accumulation could irritate your eyes and may cause infection that can lead to worse things.


Rearrange furniture

If you’re observant then you probably know where the sun is entering your home from noon until dusk. Instead of buying more lamps or changing your light bulbs to those with higher wattage and lumens, rearrange your furniture to make sure that light can easily enter your home and you’ll have brightly lit rooms throughout the afternoon.


If you have a dark-colored room and no amount of strategic planning on rearranging furniture provides you with enough natural light, repainting the wall is always an alternative solution. Of course, it would require more work and much time from you (or money if you will hire someone else to do it). If you don’t want to repaint, use bright wallpaper to cover your walls. If you’re not into bright colors, white or neutral tones will do the trick, too.

Include bright accents

Are you still not convinced about changing up the look of an entire wall? Use brightly colored accents instead. Hang some colorful paintings to lessen the darkness in a room or to serve as an accent piece. You can also use neon-colored Washi tape and design your own wall. There are also available wall decals that serve as a wall light if you’re into that.

Light up from below

Your walls aren’t the only thing that can be changed. You can also change your carpet to more neutral or brighter tones to lighten up the room.

Add plants

Not only are plants a good source of oxygen, they brighten up spaces, too! Take care of flowering plants that produce light-colored flowers and you will find that the spot where they bloom instantly becomes brighter. Don’t have a green thumb? You can display cut flowers (fresh or otherwise) in a vase or as an accent piece. White and yellow flowers brighten up most areas but other pastel flowers will also do the job.


Mirrors aren’t only for checking your beautiful self out, they also serve as a great home décor items. They make a small space appear larger and they reflect enough light so that fewer lamps are required to light up a room. Find a decorative mirror that complements the theme of each room (e.g., a sun-shaped mirror for a coastal-themed room).


It’s easy to brighten up your home if you can manipulate the naturally bright things around you into lending some of their light.

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