May 30, 2013

Awesome Gift Suggestions for Fathers’ Day

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Get your dad the perfect gift to celebrate how awesome he really is

Before enjoying your ultimate summer escape this year, take some time out to find your dad the perfect gift for Fathers’ Day. As any smart and savvy Treetopia reader would know, finding the perfect gift doesn’t always equate to spending more money, rather, the perfect present is one that is well thought out. Here are some Fathers’ Day gifts you may want to consider:

“I’m for your father…”


They do say that “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” so observe your father when it comes to food. There are several items you can give him just to show you care.

Beer Stein

Call it old-fashioned but a beer stein as a present is a good idea, especially if your dad likes history or historical pieces. These traditional beer mugs come in different designs and can handle large amounts of beer. Since their designs are handcrafted, they can also be used as decoration for the kitchen or bar.


Vintage Wine

Is your dad a wine connoisseur or collector? Perhaps he simply enjoys the pleasure and taste that aged wine brings on any given night. Wineries usually have their stash of vintage wines that you can purchase so you can go visit the nearest vineyard and get a bottle or two for your dad.



Do you have an all-American dad who enjoys a good barbecue for any event (e.g., Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.)? You can get him a barbecue mitt in the form of boxing gloves or a personalized apron with his quotable quote printed on it (think hard on this because parents usually have a favorite line they tell their kids). You can also treat him for the day by purchasing choice cuts and sausages that you can barbecue together. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone because you treat him with choice cuts which served as your present and you get to bond with him over one of his favorite activities.



Maybe your dad’s on a special diet or he really doesn’t favor any specific food or food-related activity. You can still get him the perfect gift with these suggestions:


Your dad might be in the garage or basement workshop all the time tinkering with anything he’s got in there or he could be the adventurous type. For this type of dad, a durable personalized multi-purpose tool is a good idea. He can just keep it in his pocket or on his belt (if it comes with a case) and he’s good to go, ready to tinker with anything without the need to rush back to his workshop to gather tools.


Boxed sets

Does your dad appreciate a certain singer or band, or is he a film buff? Get him a boxed set of whatever it is he likes. It could be the entire collection of The Beatles, The Godfather, or the entire Star Wars saga. If you’re sure he likes it, you can’t go wrong.

photo by nickstone333 via flickr. CC BY 2.0


Sometimes, fathers keep silent about their stress and worries.  They may be completely masculine but it doesn’t mean that dads won’t appreciate a good pampering. A nice massage or spa by himself or with your mom is surely a welcome break from work stress and other problems. He’ll surely feel younger and more refreshed afterwards.

Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

If you don’t know your dad that well, visit him more often, start observing what he likes to do on his spare time and get clues from there. You might just become his favorite this Fathers’ Day, if you aren’t already.

What are you getting your dad for Fathers’ Day?

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