March 7, 2013

Fun Feminine Home Office Ideas

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Find out how to make your home office more feminine with these decorating ideas Treetopia has gathered


In celebration of International Women’s Day and Organize Your Home Office Day tomorrow, the 8th of March 2013, Treetopia decided to combine both days to give all our lovely female readers ideas on how to highlight femininity in their workspaces at home.

Let’s define femininity first. Femininity isn’t just about being “girly” and “pink” — femininity describes all women: strong and soft, serious and light, bold and sophisticated, classy but modern, outdoorsy but refined, family-oriented but independent, and so much more. Here are some tips on how to showcase these qualities and more in your workspace:


Surrounding yourself with an environment that gives you comfort and showcases your colorful personality and style allows you to be more productive. The first thing you should consider when remodeling, renovating, or setting up your home office is how you want your walls to reflect who you are. Is your personality gentle, shy, and passive, and do you adore soft palettes? Paint your walls with light colors.

Are you bold, determined, and comparable to an Amazon warrior? Bold colors might just be your thing.

Are you a teacher or a professor? Paint one side of the room with chalkboard paint or put up a white or glass board.

photo by jawcey via flickr CC BY 2.0

Do you love to surround yourself in colorful designs and patterns? Use stylish wallpaper. However you choose to surround yourself, just be sure that you will be comfortable in it.


How you light up your workspace affects your productivity, not to mention your eyesight. If you want a luxurious, elegant or feminine appeal in your workspace,  consider installing a nice mini chandelier for a warm ambiance.

If you need general lighting or you simply want to light up the whole room, recessed lighting might be more your style.

photo by Jeremy Levine Design via flickr CC BY 2.0

If you think there is a medium to high probability of revamping your home office in the future to keep up with the times, a nice, bright desk lamp will do.

photo by robertstinnett via flickr CC BY 2.0


Your desk is one of the most important elements in your home office. You need enough space to stack your documents as you use them and more space to make sure that your desktop or laptop is securely in place. Separating your computer station from your reading and writing desk is a good idea but you don’t have to purchase several single-function tables for your work needs. You may opt to repurpose an old dresser or vanity table to become one of your workstations. All you have to do is polish or repaint it to match your walls and décor and you will have the perfect desk for your home office.

photos by withassociates via flickr | ChiKurt via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


When deciding what type of chair to use, it’s best to determine how you will use it. You don’t need an ergonomic executive, high-backed chair if you will only be sitting on it for an hour or two. Likewise, a really stylish animal print chair may not be the best idea if you need to stay seated for long periods of time. Having the right chair for your type of work can save your back from unwanted pains in the long run.

photos by NCinDC via flickr | juhansonin via flickr | …love Maegan via flickr CC BY 2.0


Just like your desk, your shelves and filing cabinets can be an old buffet table or credenza. Repurposed furniture not only saves you money, but also assures you  of their strength and durability since you have already used these pieces before.

photo by Wickerfurniture via flickr | cote via flickr CC BY 2.0


When you have the basic elements of your home office together, it’s time to think of ways to inject more personality into your workspace. Do you like vintage items? Add a vintage clock on your desk or shelf. Are you in favor of displaying cut flowers? Place a vase with fresh flowers by the window or on one of the shelves. Do you want to make your space look bigger or simply want more light to bounce around the room? Mirrors will do the trick.


Your home office could be the place you will spend most of your time in during the day, so it is best to make it as comfortable as possible to help you become more productive. Just as the famous feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir said “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,” your home office is also not constructed as a workspace; rather, you design it to become one.

How do you make your home or workspace more feminine?

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