March 21, 2013

Awesome Springtime Vacation Destinations

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If you want to devote some “me time” this spring, check out some of these awesome spots

Whether you’re trying to prolong commencing spring cleaning or you just want to experience this season in another location, you can check out some of these places that Treetopia thinks will give you a fantastic time.



Whether you tend to be sleepless or not, Seattle is a definite go-to destination during springtime. You can visit the Space Needle and enjoy the view from above, or head to the Seattle Aquarium and explore things from below. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of this magnificent place, visit the various museums in the area such as the Olympic Sculpture Park or the Seattle Art Museum. You can also simply explore the city beginning with Pioneer Square or Pike Place Market.


Chicago may be called the windy city because of its weather, but its local sites will blow you away even more. Check out performances at the Bank of America Theater and the Oriental Theater to immerse yourself in performance art. If your love for art leans towards the non-performance kind, visit some of Chicago’s remarkable museums or simply tour the city to admire its architecture. Check out The Bean at Millenium Park and have fun taking photos there. You won’t run out of activities to do in Chicago if you’re willing to explore!



Head north to Toronto and enjoy both urban and outdoor activities. The good news is that the peak season in Toronto is during summer so if you visit during springtime, prices are still low and you still get to enjoy all of the activities you can do from June to September. Have fun admiring the architecture or simply shopping ’til you drop, since exports from New York have experienced a boom. Even foodies will enjoy Toronto with all the delectable selections available. It is also easy to navigate around the city because of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) so you’ll save on car rental or cab fare.



One of the more historically drenched but still quite peaceful and gorgeous is the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. St. Lucia boasts picturesque waterfalls, cocoa plantations, fantastic snorkeling sites, and the only drive-in volcano in the world! It is also one of the more developed islands in the Caribbean, so you still gain an authentic island experience without getting too detached from civilization. What’s more, the island of St. Lucia is the homeland of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott who was awarded the honor for his epic poetry Omeros. If you ever get bitten by wanderlust while you’re there, you can also explore the islands of Martinique and Montserrat.

photo of St. Lucia by ScubaBear68 via flickr. CC BY 2.0


Are you considering going out of the country this year? Amsterdam is the perfect place to visit this spring since it’s celebrating some great milestones this year, making it the place to be in if you want to be a part of history. Some of the celebrations include the 400th Anniversary of the Canal Ring, the 175th Anniversary of the Artis Royal Zoo, the reopening of the Rijksmuseum with 80 restored halls and 8,000 items in exhibit, 225 years of “enlightenment” with the founding of Felix Meritis, and the reopening of the newly renovated Van Gogh Museum on its 40-year anniversary which also happens to be Vincent Van Gogh’s 160th birthday. If those aren’t reasons enough to convince you, we’re not quite sure what will.


Just as spring brings new life and the beginning of another cycle, let your travel experiences encourage you to live more and enjoy the seasons of life.

Where are you headed off to this spring?


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