March 19, 2013

Awesome Ideas for Color Therapy Month

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Jazz up your home and control your mood swings using the psychology of color

Have you ever wondered why it’s popular to wear blue during a job interview or why cheerful people are said to have a “sunny disposition?” Perhaps you’re also wondering why looking out into the turquoise sea water tends to make you think, reminisce, or reflect.


Whether you believe it or not, all these colors and more have a certain emotional and psychological effect on us all. Treetopia gives you a glimpse of what some of the more popular colors trigger with special focus on 2013’s Color of the Year: green.

Cool Blue

The color blue is associated with nobility and peace. It has a calming and cooling effect when used in moderation. Fashion consultants usually suggest wearing blue to a job interview because blue is also the color of loyalty, sincerity, and responsibility, which is what employers typically look for in their employees. The color blue soothes the mind so looking at the clear blue sky will do the same. Painting your bedroom or living room blue is a good idea to help you calm down after a hard day’s work. However, it is said that anything in excess is bad for the body so you must also remember that excessive use of this color can give you a sense of sorrow and depression. Just be cool and don’t feel blue!


Energetic Yellow

Cheerful people are associated with the color yellow because they are said to have a sunny disposition. Yellow is known to stimulate our mental faculties and boost our cheerfulness, warmth, and energy. We suggest painting your game room or home gym in yellow to increase your energy when you need (and want) it most. The inordinate use of yellow, however, causes exhaustion due to too much energy and mentally stimulating activities. Just take yellow in stride because the sun will come out again tomorrow.


Stirring Turquoise

Has staring out into the turquoise water ever make you reflect about your own life, achievements, and future? This is because the color turquoise is deeply connected with the idea of the “inner self” and the deep subconscious. It is also the color of communication and self-expression. Painting your bathroom or powder room walls turquoise is a good idea since this is the place where you are most yourself. However, as with the others, there is a negative side to this color. Too much turquoise can make you too calm and aloof or quite self-centered, so get to know yourself but share yourself in moderation, too.

turquoise - subconscious

Flamin’ Red

Red is associated with life, vitality, aggression, power, courage, and passion, among other things. It is the color of blood, the same blood that boils in anger, rises in passion, and colors your cheeks to reveal your emotion. Red is also the color of love and celebration so wear a sexy red top if you want to grab people’s attention at a party.  Red is known to overcome depression in some cases, so if you’re feeling down, just surround yourself in this color to lift your spirits. Remember not to overdo it, though because excessive use of red increases anxiety, agitation, and stress, as if a Matador is waving his red flag in front of you, challenging you to attack.

bull fighting photo by SubtlePanda via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Back to Brown

Brown is the color of the earth on which everything returns. It is the soil that majestic trees are enveloped in as a little seed and hold on to until they reach the sky.  Brown is associated with being serious and down to earth, stable and reliable, secure and contented. Brown is the color of nature, hence this color allows us to blend with nature and stay unnoticed.  However, too much brown may indicate repression or render one unable or unwilling to come out of his or her shell.

photo by pellaea via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Going Green

Green is the most visible color in nature and the 2013 Color of the Year. Green symbolizes freshness and youth, growth and fertility, stability and endurance. It is said to be the most restful color for the eyes so when you grow tired of working in front of your computer screens, just turn your eyes to anything green for a minute or two (you may see some purple dots sparkling but those are only your eyes slowly relaxing). Green is associated with ambition and money but it can also mean greed and jealousy, and too much green can create negative energy.


Balance out the energy in your home by adding some potted plants. Herbs are perfect for smaller spaces because you would only need a small plant box and you can use them for cooking up delectable meals once they’re full grown. A green outfit can also help you avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day when everywhere else will be swimming in green to celebrate the patron saint of the Emerald Isles.

photo by jinkazamah via flickr. CC BY 2.0 (left)


Remember to apply what you’ve learned moderately so you don’t cross the threshold and experience the negative effects. If you would like to have a single décor or ornament in your favorite color, Treetopia offers awesome colorful trees to choose from.

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