January 31, 2013

Instead of following the crowd, show the crowd how fabulous you really are

Many choose to follow trends because it’s easier and more accessible since stores are always well-stocked on trendy design items. However, like all predictable things, trends soon run out of style and are quickly replaced by another. More often than not, trends that people can’t get enough of at one point just as quickly go out of fashion, like how the retro trend started gaining popularity again, only to die down months later.

Are ewe just a part of the crowd?

The longer you keep buying into these trends, the more junk you accumulate around the house and, soon enough, all the old trendy items that you used to showcase are kept hidden or forgotten. Following all these trends is not only financially unwise, but also a waste of your precious space since you end up with a home cluttered with things that you no longer love or feel excited about.

Trends vs Individuality  pieces

Trends may be used as a great stepping stone in figuring out your personal design aesthetics, and since you know what you would declare as fabulous, it would not be as difficult to create your personal style. If you’re having difficulty with fully expressing yourself, take a trend and inject your character into it. You don’t need an explosive expression; adding a personal touch to minor details such as patterns or linings will also do the trick.

Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree

For example, instead of getting a jarringly colored Christmas tree for the holidays, get a silver tree and add your own neon-colored decorations to it. By having a muted background, you’d be able to tone down the neon-blocking trend to something that’s a lot easier on the eyes. This works even better if you use colors that are attuned to your personality and temperament.

Midnight Black Christmas Tree

Aside from getting inspiration from trends, another thing you can do is to remain faithful to your own preferences. Decorating your home with items that display your personality makes your living space feel a lot more like home. So if your interest leans towards unraveling the mysteries of space, harness that into a design style by switching your traditional Christmas tree with a tree inspired by the intergalactic realm. Since these trees do not have a traditional appearance, you can even keep them on display for the whole year and just change your ornaments whenever you feel like it.

Make your home décor truly stand out by injecting it with loads of personality. Much like how no two people are alike, everyone’s approaches to design differ based on their own unique personality. As long as you adapt trends but still stick to you who you are, there is no way you can go wrong when developing your own style.

I’m not alone, I just stand out


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