January 29, 2013

How to Stay Fabulous in Spite of Stress

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If you think stress is already making you look like you’re ancient, Treetopia has some suggestions to restore your youth

Ways to de-stress

As expected after the holidays, work has piled up and credit card bills from Christmas shopping purchases have made its way to your mailbox. If you’re already feeling like a dried-up prune from dealing with the avalanche of backlogged work and piled-up bills, it’s time to treat yourself right to regain your youthful composure. Since January is Self-love Month, Treetopia has gathered some suggestions on how you can show your love for yourself by looking and feeling fabulous in spite of all the negative vibes.


Sometimes, it’s the simplest of things that can create big changes. If you already feel burnt out from working too hard or feel like you’re being buried under the weight of all expectations, just stop and take a deep breath. Keep breathing until you feel yourself relax. Even better, go to yoga or meditation classes so you can really find your center and restore your energy.

Stay fabulous in spite of stress


If you don’t already have one, take up a sport. If you have a favored sport, invite a friend to join you. You can even just show up at your favorite country club or gym and play with or against the people who love your sport as much as you do. You may think that you would rather spend all this extra energy working instead of playing sports, but sweating out your stress will help you feel more energetic in the long run. It can even raise your threshold of stress and keep you from burning out faster.

Tennis court


Vacation leaves exist for a reason and that is to give you time to relax and regain your energy when you’re already burned out. Don’t wait until you’re about to collapse before taking one. If the stress is really taking a toll on you, take a short break so you can bring your stress levels down. If you don’t want to use up your vacation days, go to your favorite relaxing place over the weekend so you’ll be back to your fabulous self when you return to work.

Snorkeling masks


If you’re the type who needs to scream out loud to release your stress, dare to do something adventurous that you normally wouldn’t do. Afraid of being taken by the water current? Try kayaking or white water rafting. Scared of falling off bridges? Try bungee jumping! You can scream all you want as you take the drop. Release the tension and stress in your body AND gain a truly unforgettable experience.

Bungee Jumping


If you prefer winding down as you sip a glass of wine and listen to enchanting music, head on over to the theater or opera house and check out who’s playing. Immerse yourself in the magical healing ability of music to dance with your soul.

Musical performers


There are many fantastic ways to make sure you always look gorgeous in spite of stress. However, the real solution is to make sure you’re able to balance all your responsibilities while still saving time for yourself to do the things you love. If you can’t handle the amount of workload coming your way or you feel that you need a short break, learn to speak up so that it’s not your health that eventually suffers for it.

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