January 3, 2013

Cleaning Up After a Fabulous Holiday Party

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Since 2013 has officially begun and the pressure is on to bring back your home to its fabulous, gleaming state, make sure that the season of festivities did not leave a permanent mark in your home. Treetopia has gathered some quick fixes for unwanted stains that usually come with amazing parties.

Sauces, Condiments, and Grease

smears of different sauces

We all want our food to have the most delectable flavors; however, sometimes the flavors roll off our plates to embrace our linen table cloths and carpets. Instead of allowing the stain to settle and spending a lot of time in an attempt to revive the initial glorious appearance of your fabrics and linens, do a quick first-aid rescue using ordinary household items. Use a paper towel to scoop up the excess sauce, condiment, or food grease, then dab the stained area with a dishwashing liquid solution. Rinse with cold water.

Dessert Drips

Cleaning Up chocolate sauce

When your enemies are droplets of molten chocolate stains, rescuing your fabric is more difficult, especially when the stain has already hardened. Use the blunt edge of a plastic utensil to scrape off the hardened bits of your dessert and take out your trusty dishwashing liquid solution. Using a sponge, blot out the stain until it disappears. If the stain, however, is doing a good job fighting off your attacks, pull out your secret weapon. Mix up an ammonia solution using ONLY 1 tablespoon ammonia and 2 cups warm water. With the ammonia solution, dab the stain until it is absorbed. Rinse off the affected area with cold water and use a sponge to absorb all the liquid.

Eager Toasting

Spilled red wine
At the peak of the festivities, it can’t be helped to have guests who are eager to raise a toast to your marvelous party. Often, high spirits lead to spillage of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Instead of freezing in shock, head over to the kitchen to get some table salt or baking powder and generously spread it on the area where the spill occurred. Salt and baking powder don’t just help make your food taste better; they also prevent the stain from completely setting in the fabric. Use either a dishwashing liquid solution or a simple vinegar and water solution to dab on the stain. Once the stain is removed, wash the fabric in hot water or rinse it with boiling water. There are also wine stain removal products available on the market for added convenience.

After-dinner Cup of Joe

cup of coffee
After a celebration with heightened spirits, it’s time to wake up your guests’ senses for a safe journey home. In case some of them accidentally spill their coffee, worry not. Just blot out the stain using a dishwashing liquid solution. Instead of rinsing off the fabric, finish off by saturating it with water.

An Exception

As with anything, there are exceptions to handy quick fixes. If the linen or fabric that received the stain is a “dry clean only” item, it is best to simply hand over the work to the experts at the soonest possible time.

When hosting fabulous parties, always be prepared for accidents that may leave a mark on your gorgeous décor, linen, and fabrics. These quick, simple fixes will not only save your gorgeous household items but also rescue you from unnecessary trips and payments to professionals.

How do you keep your home looking amazing after festivities that leave traces of evidence behind?

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