January 24, 2013

Bring the Fun on “Fun at Work” Day

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If you’re looking for activities to do on Fun-at-Work Day, Treetopia has some awesome ideas you can try

According to our fabulous calendar, it’s almost that time of the year when we can add a lot of fun at work. Different sources identify January 27, 28, or 29 as the date for “Fun-at-Work Day,” but one thing’s for sure: having fun at work is a must. So no matter which date your office chooses to celebrate this quirky holiday, Treetopia has gathered some fun activities you can initiate to shake things up in your workplace.

Musical Day

You don’t have to get everyone to practice for a flash mob or make them sing the whole day for a musical day. All you need is music to calm the stress from work. Have everyone write down song requests and play it for them… with one condition: they have to sing to their requested songs as though they’re in their very own concert (with permission from the boss if you’re not him or her, of course). Think up of a prize for the courageous people who would sing to their requests.  Make sure they know that this is all for fun so they can be as crazy as they want. You will either find someone with a hidden talent or end the day full of laughter from the shared experience.

Fun at Work Guitar

Coffee Banter(s)

Of course you’re already familiar with coffee breaks, but why don’t you turn your 15-minute break into a full 30-minute coffee banter. Get to know most, if not everyone, in your team or office by having a longer coffee break filled with ice-breaker activities. By the end of the day, you will not only bring fun into your workplace but also gain new buddies for non-office activities.

Cafe table setting

Office Strategy Battle

Involve everyone in a battle of wits and strategy. Set up a strategy board game like chess in an area where everyone will pass through. Announce that anyone can take his or her turn when they pass by the board. For a better battle set-up, you can even divide the office into opposing teams. This will engage everyone’s wits and strategic thinking and promote camaraderie among colleagues. Naturally, there has to be a prize or punishment. Get everyone to agree on the reward and consequence so that the rules are clear.

Chess piece

Fun Awards

Everyone has a quirky side. Why not bring it out by awarding employees for their quirks. Give the Early Bird Award to the person who always arrives before everyone else or perhaps the Camel Award for the employee who has the largest water tumbler. Do you know anyone at work who never seems to run out of food? Give him or her the Walking Lunchbox or Walking Cafeteria Award. Just make sure that all awardees know that the awards they won are simply for laughs so nobody goes home too serious.

Don’t forget to take “mug shots” of the winners!


These are just some of the things you and your officemates can enjoy together. Whether it becomes a success or not is on a case-to-case basis because, just like people, different offices have different personalities. Just make sure the boss knows what’s going on so you have permission to be as loud and quirky as the activities allow you to be.

Don’t forget to have fun at work!

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