December 6, 2012

Wonderful Holiday Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

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Christmas is our free ticket to go all out and satisfy our appetites all in one day. It’s also the day when we get together with our dearest of family and friends. While everyone appreciates receiving gifts, giving that fruitcake a break this Christmas will certainly be a welcome decision. Since Christmas is also all about scrumptious food, here are a few gift ideas you can use for the food lovers on your gift list:

Collection of Herbs

collection of herbs

For those who appreciate the huge difference herbs make in any dish, a collection of fresh or dried herbs makes a great gift. If you fancy the dried herbs option, purchase a few bundles of a variety of herbs from your local farmer’s market. Store these in clear, airtight containers, and label them accordingly. Food lovers with green thumbs will appreciate receiving a small potted herb garden that will make a great herb starter kit.

Gourmet Coffee Beans

sack of coffee beans with a cup of coffee

Nothing wakes up the gustatory senses more than the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Consider gifting a selection of gourmet, organic coffee beans from all over the world. Store these beans in little hemp string bags, accompanied by a detailed review of the different coffee beans. This way, the recipients can pay attention to the various notes and accents when they drink the coffee.

A Basket of Freshness

basket of fresh produce

A gift basket containing fresh fruits and vegetables from your local farmer’s market is perfect for those who value freshness in every bite. It also shows the receivers that you’ve taken the time to pick out each item in the basket. Head to your local market and choose produce that is in season and arrange it beautifully in a hand woven basket.

Gift Cards to their Favorite Food Spot

If your friends are certified foodies, then they probably have favorite food spots. Surprise them with gift cards to their favorite restaurants and coffee shops so they can indulge in some heavenly dining.

Serving Platters or Wine Glasses

holiday celebration champagne glasses

If your food lover friend happens to like throwing dinner parties, give them something useful like a set of unique serving platters. You can also give them elegant wine glasses for more formal dinners in their home.

Deciding on the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard. Just be creative and look for other great food items that will stand out in the pantry. Your food loving family and friends will treasure these unique food laden gifts.

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