December 4, 2012

Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Teachers are everywhere and it’s no secret that being a teacher is a difficult job. There are some who end up as your intellectual guides or concerned friends when school is over. Whether the teacher is a friend or someone who has made an impact at some point in your life, here are a few fabulous gift ideas for the people working in the profession that teaches all other professions:

A Box of Scrumptious Pastries


Teachers are busy. They spend most of the day in the classroom and spend the rest of the day grading their students’ papers. Since cookies and pastries make for great pick-me-ups, give the teachers a reprieve by gifting them a box of scrumptious pastries that will melt the stress away with every bite.

Gift Basket

gift basket

If you want to ensure that your teachers receive a variety of gifts, consider putting together an original gift basket with items suited to each teacher’s tastes. You can add a mix of bath and body supplies, unique stationery sets, or even a collection of gourmet food products like coffee beans and tea leaves.

Collection of Gift Cards

gift cards

To ensure the teachers get what they truly want for Christmas, why not gift them a collection of gift cards to various shops around the city. Visit local joints such as the coffee shop, clothing boutiques, vintage stores, stationery supply stores, and the bookstore; and stock up on gift cards of various monetary denominations. Bundle these up with a colorful ribbon and a handwritten note.


box of chocolates

Unless the teacher is a known diabetic, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolates. The safest choice would be a box containing different varieties of chocolate so they can still enjoy as many as they can even if they are allergic to a specific variety. After all, chocolate activates endorphins which make people happy.

A Bottle of Champagne or Wine

champagne gift basket

Give your teacher something to celebrate with on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. What could be more celebratory than a bottle of bubbly or wine to be shared with those closest to them on the night of festivities?

Take the time to show your appreciation to your teachers this holiday season with these wonderful gift ideas. Be creative and try to tailor the gifts to the personality of each teacher. If you run out of creative ideas, try to connect with you friends or fellow students. You might even be able to pool fantastic ideas and give your teacher one big Christmas present instead.

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